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Guide For Arlo Base Station Setup Process

Press Release: March 01, 2020

Arlo base station is linked to the Arlo camera properly to the internet that provides features and long-range connections. Arlo base station is mandatory to avail of the benefits of the Arlo camera. When Arlo camera is synced with the Arlo base station, then it becomes ready to function.

Syncing the Base Station with the Camera Accurately

  • The distance between the base station and the camera is one meter while the synchronization process is going. If the camera is too far from the Arlo Base Station Setupthen the syncing will not perform. These are the steps to the base station.

  • If you find a single base station and SmarthHub LED, then there is no requirement to push the sync option. If you find Blue LED, then your base station will sync with the camera.

  • In case you are using base station with multiple LEDs, then you need to click the sync button and wait for the green LED light, it will you to identify that base station synced with the camera

  • At the time of utilizing the Arlo video camera, then no need to press the sync button. When you see the blue LED blinks quickly, the camera sync with the base station.

  • If you are using the Arlo camera, then click the sync button at the upper side of the camera if the blue LED blinks instantly, camera sync with the base station.

  • You need to repeat these processes until your device synced.

After syncing of Arlo base station with the camera. It’s time to go to the Arlo app and log in to the Arlo account. When you successfully perform Arlo Login and access the camera facility. Enter the correct credentials. You can go to the dashboard of the Arlo camera and customize the setting of the Arlo camera.

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