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Gubat Abdullaev became one of the most popular teenagers on Google

Press Release: September 14, 2019

Gubat Abdullaev became one of the most popular teenagers on Google

Gubat Abdullaev is the most sincere teenager who has already managed to do a lot in his 14 years. For example: to create a cryptocurrency that pays a huge number of people in cafes, restaurants, ateliers, laundries, shops, as well as in online services!
He went through a lot of difficulties - hacking accounts more than 6 times, where views exceeded 1,000,000.
Together with the companies, he began the development of his messenger.
To interact between the platform participants, a messenger was created where users can exchange text messages, make calls, change and edit content, use the sound effects of voice messages, create animated characters, arrange group video calls and socialize using games.
The first basic one is communications with the ability to transmit digital content, audio and video calls. The second is advanced, where exclusive sets of gifs, stickers, sound filters and video streaming will be available. The third is social games.
Having started development, they quickly went ahead, creating several more applications, and the architecture of the platform and messenger implies openness to third-party developers and companies that create products in the field of video content, digital producing and music streaming. The integration of such services and GBCOIN will complement the ecosystem of the platform and provide users with the digital services they need.
Company applications will be able to integrate into GBCOIN through an open API and gain access to a multi-million audience of platform users, and users will be able to use services that are not in the marketplace without leaving the platform.
He also recently released his book of poems in English and released the single "Directly into Space", which moved to third place Apple Music in the hit section, pop.
At the moment, he is one of the most popular children of the IT-web.

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