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GS Medical in Thomasville, North Carolina Manufacturing Disposable Face Mask to Fight Shortage, Quality and Price

Press Release: October 05, 2020

A North Carolina Based Surgeon is now Manufacturing Disposable Face Mask to Provide Better Quality and Fair Pricing.

Thomasville, North Carolina, United States., October 5, 2020 -- By the end of December 2019 Dr Gajendra Singh, a North Carolina based surgeon in Winston-Salem was experiencing shortage of mask for use in his office for patient consultation and office procedures. It lasted for several months and ongoing to the extent that his practice started to suffer. Because of unavailability of the mask his office had to turn down patients and stopped doing office-based procedures, which are being offered as lowest cost in the country. This greatly impacted the low-cost services provided to the community by his office. In the end of May he was able to purchase couple boxes of mask for about $45 each from an online retailer.

With the frustration of shortage, price gouging and very poor quality of imported masks, Dr. Gajendra Singh decided to start manufacturing of mask in the USA to avoid importing them from overseas and better control over quality and price. This led to the foundation of GS Medical Corp and a small, local, US based manufacturing firm was started in July 2020 in Thomasville, NC.

Main goal for GS Medical is to provide better quality and fairly priced disposable face masks made in the USA, to the community as well as medical professionals and facilities. With the COVID-19 spreading and shutting down businesses and increasing worries about the health, finances and lifestyle, GS Medical was able to provide jobs to the local community instead of spending money in importing face mask from China.

GS Medical has supported local community by providing charity to local schools, colleges and other necessary places by donating free masks. “My goal in life is to help other people and community as much as possible, like I have done in my other endeavors and medical practice” Said CEO Dr. Gajendra Singh of GS Medical. He also added “I want anyone to reach out to me directly if anything I can do to help. By supporting this small business, community is actually supporting themselves and people working here”.

GS medical offer retail and wholesale purchase on its website https://gsmedic.com. It offers great discount for medical professionals, teachers, firefighters, law enforcement and medical facilities. For large purchases and discounts for the businesses and medical facilities, the company can be reached by email sales@gsmedic.com

About GS Medical:
GS medical is a local USA based manufacturer located in Thomasville, NC. At GS Medical, disposable face mask, are built to the international standards. These masks are developed using high-quality raw materials and are fully proficient in creating a physical barrier to particulate materials and fluids. In hospitals and healthcare facilities and other risky areas, there is a huge risk of cross-contamination. The quality collection of disposable face masks provide the necessary face shield to filter out germs, dust, pollen, smoke, and other disease-causing elements and help against splashes, droplets, or sprays entering the oral or nasal areas. Visit https://gsmedic.com for details.

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GS Medical
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