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Groundhog Day in the bathroom - 80% of people put up with the same issues every day

Press Release: January 27, 2016

February 2nd is Groundhog Day, a date made famous by the 1993 film of the same name, which saw Bill Murray, playing a TV Weatherman, doomed to repeat the same day over and over again, no matter what he did. A recent survey conducted by online home retailer VictoriaPlum.com shows that many people are experiencing their very own Groundhog Day when it comes to their bathroom, waking up to the same issues and annoyances day in and day out, but lacking the time or energy to fix them.

Half of all respondents in the study that surveyed 1,000 people stated a lack of storage as their top annoyance, whilst 43% said they had a loose or broken toilet seat. Other petty, but nonetheless irritating bathroom problems were caused by mouldy grouting, leaking shower doors or screens and faulty flushes.

When asked why these issues continued to go unfixed, 29% cited the effort involved, whilst 28% felt a lack of time was stopping them from finding a solution.

VictoriaPlum.com are frequently asked for solutions to many of these bathroom-related problems, but it wasn’t until this survey was conducted that they realised the majority of people are simply putting up with the issues.

Danni Smith, Head of Marketing Communications, commented:

“As a leading online bathroom retailer, we’re here to help our customers solve the common issues they face in their bathrooms. But, what has been very interesting to see is that a simple lack of time and energy appear to be the main barriers that prevent these faults from being fixed.

With a useful advice section, featuring practical tips and step-by-step how-to guides, plus a wide range of replacement items in stock with next day delivery available, we would advise anyone suffering from Groundhog Day to visit VictoriaPlum.com and break the cycle once and for all.”

A family-run business since 1999, VictoriaPlum.com has built its success on excellent quality, unbeatable prices and great service, to become the UK’s No 1 online bathroom store.

It has stuck to its principles of operating without expensive showrooms or salespeople, offering luxury bathrooms at internet prices and passing the savings onto the customer. VictoriaPlum.com sources and designs high quality products at the best possible price. The brand is now looking forward to transferring this expertise and knowledge into other areas of the home.

For more information on VictoriaPlum.com and its products, visit the website at https://VictoriaPlum.com or call 0344 804 48 48.

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