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Groundbreaking NFT collection to feature 10,000 portraits of black people

Press Release: January 25, 2022

  • First large scale NFT collection comprised of portraits of black people
  • Empowering the next generation of POC creators by distributing grants
  • Carbon negative NFTs, removing over 200KG of carbon emissions each
  • Founded by a black woman, celebrating black hair styles and skin tones

Tribe Tokens, the first large scale NFT collection featuring entirely black portraits, is set to launch on February 1, 2022. Coinciding with the first day of Black History Month (US), the pioneering collection will empower people of colour by offering grants to talented artists and creators, as well as adding much-needed visual representation to the NFT space.

Made up of 10,000 beautiful portraits, Tribe Tokens aims to address the lack of black Web3 creators; despite 23% of African-Americans owning cryptocurrency, compared to 11% of white Americans, they are underrepresented in the NFT market. The project has four goals:  
  • Gas Up Grants
 Tribe Tokens will offer a monthly round of no-strings-attached grants to POC and underrepresented creators working on interesting projects, both online and off. Some recipients will be chosen by the Tribe Tokens team, and others will be voted on by Tribe Token owners.

  • Paid airdrop commissions
 The team will directly commission talented new artists to create airdrops for Tribe Token owners, benefiting both up-and-coming creators and the Tribe Token community

  •  Networking and showcase opportunities
 Tribe Tokens will host showcase and pre-sale events, connecting our community and highlighting promising NFT artists to Tribe Token holders.
  • Diverse, empowering community

 The Tribe Tokens community will be a place for everyone, whether they’re holders or not; a beacon for people entering the NFT space, and those looking to support and discover new artists.

Environmentally conscious, Tribe Tokens are also carbon negative – not only will the lifetime carbon footprint of each NFT be offset through UN standard, 100% additional schemes, there will also be a tree planted for every piece in the collection, meaning each NFT will remove over 200KG of carbon emissions.

Elle Osili-Wood, Tribe Tokens founder says:
“I’m incredibly excited to launch Tribe Tokens, and begin building a community for underrepresented artists - particularly as NFTs offer people of colour the creative recognition and economic potential the traditional art world doesn't.

“Just 1.2% of the auction value of work on the global art market comes from black artists - and 77% percent of that figure is from Basquiat. Tribe Tokens was founded to ensure the digital art world has far greater, and more equitable, representation, both visually and behind the scenes. In addition, the Tribe Tokens portraits are a love letter to black style, celebrating authentic black hair styles, textures, and skin tones.”

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Elle Osili-Wood

Tel: @tribetokens

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