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Grim new media, from old record label redesigned!

Press Release: September 07, 2015

Being a lover of great entertainment, I am often trawling the web for new and popular entertainment websites. After stumbling across www.Grim-Things.com, I knew my search was over.
Originally established in 2008 as an independent record label, Grim Things is now being used to share many interesting and upbeat videos spanning YouTube and SoundCloud music, alongside products and even blog posts. There are sections dedicated to promoting ‘trending’ websites and videos. All content is suitable for people of all ages, although is not directed towards children.
Grim Things even dedicates a page to a TV stream, which allows users to watch any of the 367 channels offered by ‘TV Web 360’. Many of the 367 channels are featured in different languages, meaning that users can watch anything from an English program to one in Spanish or even German. Perfect for people worldwide, and even language students wanting to listen to a fluent conversation.
Blog posts vary from tips for when visiting Australia to annual celebratory traditions, such as National Kissing Day and news about the controversial Chinese Yulin dog festival, with a link to a credible petition to end the annual event, which is definitely worth signing.

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