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Greshun De Bouse Most Phenomenal Woman of 2020

Press Release: July 03, 2020

Greshun De Bouse Most Phenomenal Woman of 2020


Nationwide-If you haven't heard of Greshun De Bouse, "you ain't living" ( just a little phrase play on the infamous 'you ain't black' by Joe Biden, don't obsess over it please).  But seriously Greshun De Bouse is everywhere, so you must be living in the stone age, sleeping under a rock if you haven't heard of her. She is only the phenomenal Equality Advocate who we can say truly is unbiased, and and stands for Equality for All.  Some advocates, activists, and the like profess to be unbiased and indiscriminate, but they are not. We have found some of the most highly.publicized advocates, activists and the like only align themselves with and advocate for certain individuals or groups, while leaving others out in the cold.  Advocate Greshun De Bouse, excited to help everyone in need regardless of beliefs or other differences, is a very special person. She may be one of the only persons we have encountered with true ability to put personal aside and focus indiscriminately on the business at hand-ensuring all live in freedom and equality.  This is one reason Advocate Greshun is the most phenomenal woman of 2020. Very few, or really most no people can do what she does, and with such grace and ease. She is really for equality. It matters not how she feels personally, and her advocacy for equality in a certain area does not imply she supports or engages in any particular activity.  She is just for human rights and equality for all. Advocate Greshun shines in all she does because she truly is joyful inside. We have observed her in many areas from business to community, and she always maintains her joy. She is strong and mighty, however, and she does not take any injustice on any level. But this is what makes her such a phenomenal advocate and woman!  Perhaps the most important reason Advocate Greshun De Bouse is the most phenomenal woman of 2020 and the decade really, is because she escaped death four times in the month of June 2020 alone!  First, she escaped riotous car bombs while preparing to spread her message of non-violence and peacefully productive solutions to the community-police disconnect. She escaped after a tire business owner confirmed someone deliberately drilled a hole in one of her car tires to derail her while en route to see the POTUS.  She escaped death after being choked to #icantbreathestatus the day before the official holiday she founded, and she escaped death after an alleged speeding truck hit her and totaled her vehicle, and she seemingly has not missed a beat. Everyone we talk to who really knows Advocate Greshun loves her for her endless energy and contagious positivity!  Advocate Greshun is the panacea for all.   They say she is a very unique out-of-the-box thinker whose mannerisms can be quite different from others, but all Greshun says and does has purpose. The few persons Greshun has really allowed to know her state she is very complex, and truly a brilliant genius who you may not understand, but there is always a method to her mannerism.  One very close person to advocate Greshun told us "She's strong, very strong, and her faith and power can move mountains. I have seen her do things others thought could not be, but Greshun just walks through those doors with ease. She is probably the most genuinely loving person I know and can not hold a grudge to save her life. That's not her. She likes resolve and moving forward, and that makes her like a super leader. She is super intelligent and can be misunderstood by those who stop at the surface. Many people just aren't on her high level of thinking so they have incorrect interpretations of many of her actions or statements.  From what I know her dad is like this super genius and Greshun definitely got the gene. She just knows things. That's her gift, well one of the many at least." Advocate Greshun De Bouse is definitely has higher purpose in this world-to have escaped death four times in one month. So without further ado, introducing the Most Phenomenal Woman of 2020, Advocate Greshun De Bouse.

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