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GREEN CREATIVE Launches Award Winning ENERGY STAR Certified Commercial Downlights

Press Release: May 13, 2016

GREEN CREATIVE, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer proudly announces the release of its new 9.5’’, 8’’, 6’’ and 4’’ commercial downlights.

GREEN CREATIVE’s new patent pending INNOFIT SERIES offers a universal solution for retrofit or new construction downlighting applications. The 9.5’’ 45W CDL, 8‘’ 27W CDL, 6’’ 21W CDL and 4’’ 14W CDL downlights feature a field-adjustable lumen selector for three distinct lumen levels equivalent to various CFL lamp combinations, helping to greatly reduce the number of SKUs needed on a job site. To select the desired lumen output, simply slide the switch on the top of the housing to the High, Medium or Low setting.

The adjustable housing clips and wide trim ring allow the downlights to fit a large range of architectural and commercial housings without the need for additional accessories during installation. For new construction applications, the downlights wire directly to a junction box and fit securely in the ceiling with spring-action clips.

“The new INNOFIT Series was designed with universal compatibility in mind,” says GREEN CREATIVE’s Marketing Director, Matt Leonard. “The downlights are suitable for new construction or retrofit applications and can replicate the light output of a variety of CFL lamp combinations by adjusting the lumen selector. So no matter the installation method or light output requirement, the INNOFIT Commercial Downlights have it covered.”

The ENERGY STAR® certified INNOFIT SERIES Commercial Downlights come in 9.5”, 8”, 6” and 4” form factors, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures, run on 120-277V universal voltage and last 40,000 hours. The INNOFIT SERIES Commercial Downlights are also featured on Edison Report’s Top 10 MUST SEE Products of 2016 and Electrical Wholesaling’s Top 10 LED Picks for April.

Detailed information and data sheet for the 9.5” 45W CDL are available here( http://gc-lighting.com/products/innofit-cdl-9-5-inch-45w/ ).

Detailed information and data sheet for the 8” 27W CDL are available here( http://gc-lighting.com/products/innofit-cdl-8-inch-27w/ ).

Detailed information and data sheet for the 6” 21W CDL are available here( http://gc-lighting.com/products/innofit-cdl-6-inch-21w/ ).

Detailed information and data sheet for the 4” 14W CDL are available here( http://gc-lighting.com/products/innofit-cdl-4-inch-14w/ ).

These products are available through GREEN CREATIVE distributors and are ready to ship from the company’s west coast and east coast distribution centers. For more information on where to purchase these products near you or how to become a distributor, please contact GREEN CREATIVE at: sales@greencreative.com or (866) 774-5433.

GREEN CREATIVE is a major solid state lighting development and manufacturing company based in the Bay Area, CA. The company specializes in retrofit lighting for the commercial market, offering a comprehensive line of LED lighting solutions. GREEN CREATIVE is fully integrated with strong R&D capabilities to constantly offer the latest technology available. For more information on GREEN CREATIVE please visit www.greencreative.com. For all of the latest updates follow GREEN CREATIVE on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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