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GREAT NEWS! BFY token sale extended.

Press Release: February 02, 2018

The beginning of 2018 saw Bank4YOU Group’s project gaining significant traction and interest as it developed strategic collaborations and partnerships with key stakeholders and investors. The Bank4YOU Group team has grown to include a vice president for relationships with investors. We are experiencing an overload of requests from both, private as well as corporate investors demanding to continue the token sale.

There has been outstanding support for the ICO as well as a growing interest in the project received from corporate investors.

Our recent participation at meetups in Singapore and Tokyo, theWorld Crypto Economic Forum in San Francisco, and The North American Bitcoin Conference at Miami, has led to The Group and its objectives receiving excellent reviews from a number of influential people in addition to the numerous letters and messages requesting the extension of the ICO, leading to the fund raise period being extended to end March 2018 rather than end January.

The ICO has also seen three Asian, two European, five American, and two African investment funds joining in the investment process with four at the closing deal stage.

Solid investments will allow our ICO to meet the hard cap, in other words, to implement our first-ever convergence of mobile money transfers and mobile operators on blockchain at a larger scale. The decision to extend the token sale until 31st March, 2018 was decided for this reason.

It is a unique opportunity to acquire a next-generation cryptocurrency. Most of the services provided by the platform will be available by the end of 2018 in accordance with our roadmap.

We believe this decision can bring additional benefits to our community as well such as:
1) Bigger value added to BFY token. Expected big investments move us closer to the hard cap and to implementation in the bigger number of markets. This will increase demand for BFY and its value.

2) More time to establish effective collaborations with top-exchanges, where the BFY token will be listed and traded. At the moment, we are in the midst of concluding agreements with Binance whilst negotiations with others are in progress.

We also want to ensure a consistently high demand for our tokens. We recognise that extension of the token sale will only result in further expansion of the ecosystem, its capabilities, and indeed its potentials. We guarantee the main obligations of the roadmap will be respected despite the change in the timing of the ICO.

For existing ICO participants and investors, we would like to thank you again for all your support. It is for this reason we provide all who invest before 31st January, 2018 with additional bonus options: 5% of tokens on top of your investment or free of charge Card4YOU (prepaid Visa card) for transactions. Take your pick.
With a new ICO timeline and investor support, we will definitely make our community bigger and stronger.

Yours sincerely,

Bank4YOU Group ICO Team

For more information, contact us at:

Website: https://bank4you.io/

Telegram: t.me/Bank4YOU_Group

E-mail: info@bank4you

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