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Grassroots Harvest Launches New Vegan Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Press Release: August 04, 2020

AUSTIN, TX: Leading Austin, Texas CBD company Grassroots Harvest has launched a new product in their line of CBD Gummies. The new option, available now, is entirely unique from the other CBD Gummies they carry. Why? These gummies are totally vegan.


While many gummy candies are made with animal products like gelatin in order to get that signature gummy texture, it is possible to make vegan gummies. These CBD gummies are made with real fruit juice while tapioca provides that classic gummy texture. 

Grassroots Harvest Vegan CBD Gummies are:

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Made with Full Spectrum CBD
  • Gluten, Soy, Corn Syrup & Dairy Free

So that everyone can enjoy them!

Vegan CBD Gummies are extra strong- with 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD in each gummy and 20 gummies to a bottle, you get a whopping 500mg of CBD total per bottle!

Each bottle of CBD Gummies contains 500mg of Full Spectrum CBD for only $40.

Shop now here: https://grassrootsharvest.com/product/vegan-cbd-gummies-500mg-20pcs/

Why Full Spectrum CBD?

Full Spectrum CBD is a term that refers to a CBD extraction that contains other cannabinoids (compounds found in cannabis) other than CBD- the full range of cannabinoids are found, so it’s called Full Spectrum. 

The Entourage Effect

There’s a well-accepted theory called the Entourage Effect, which states that the more cannabinoids in one product, the more effective it is. The idea is that cannabinoids build off of one another, so one alone is never as beneficial as multiple cannabinoids together. 

That’s why Full Spectrum CBD is so desirable- it’s the best way to get the benefits of the full plant, the full spectrum, instead of just CBD. 

Full Spectrum CBD contains THC, however to be federally legal for sale, the amount of THC must remain below 0.3% of total cannabinoid content. 

An extraction that just contains CBD is called CBD Isolate. If drug testing is a concern, or there’s another reason that someone might not want to take any THC whatsoever, then CBD isolate is the way to go. Our CBD isolate gummies are sold here: https://grassrootsharvest.com/product-category/cbd-edibles/cbd-gummies/ 


About Grassroots Harvest: 

At Grassroots Harvest, we trust in Mother Nature. That’s why we make our CBD oil just the way we think she’d want it-Pure & Simple.


Our priority is bringing you the best of Nature’s Bounty, harvested sustainably and crafted in small batches in Austin, TX. That way, we can ensure the highest quality from start to finish. We start with 100% organic hemp and add as few ingredients as possible to our products, in order to bring you CBD the way Nature intended-She knows what She’s doing, after all. 


Our Founder: Kemal Whyte was born in Jamaica and immigrated to the U.S. when he was 11 years old. Kemal learned an appreciation for natural health & wellness solutions in Jamaica, and it’s stayed with him his whole life. When his friend and our future CFO, Gavian, told him that CBD was the only thing helping his back pain, Kemal knew it was worth paying attention to- and Grassroots Harvest was born. 


Since we opened, it has been our goal to make the highest quality CBD products possible and offer them at the lowest prices possible because we believe natural wellness can and should be available to all.



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