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Google Nexus One faces stiff competition from HTC Desire

Press Release: April 16, 2010

HTC Desire has been enjoying users' attraction for some time now as it comes equipped with a number of smart applications and stunning looks. Almost all the leading UK mobile phone networks have come up with amazing schemes which make the possession of the handset all the more fruitful. And this is the reason, a stiff competition is going on between some of the leading operators such as Vodafone and T-mobile. But the point of concern is not the competition nor the ever growing popularity of HTC Desire rather it is the matter of Google's Nexus One failure. No doubt, the two handsets look quite similar and work on the same platform, Android.

As far as initial reports are to be believed, Vodafone has listed the Google Nexus One as coming "soon" to the network without explicitly saying "April 2010". Simply put, this handset is surely going to face the impending launch of the iPhone 4G and the immediate threat of the HTC Desire. Moreover, this HTC product is already available with the attractive deals which offer free texts, minutes and lots more to the users. Not only this, there are offers which allow the subscribers to enjoy uninterrupted mobile internet browsing. Then, one can also order Desire online and that too at the pocket friendly prices. All these factors suggest that HTC Desire can be a big problem in the smooth running of Google One. The only thing which can assure the success of the handset is in the hands of Vodafone and the provider is required to drop the price of the gadget significantly at its launch.

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