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Google Buzz- social media networks discover new horizons

Press Release: March 02, 2010

Google Buzz is actually a combination of Facebook and Twitter that helps you sharing real-time updates, inbox integration, branding opportunity, interaction with massive crowd and easy way to approach target market. These sorts of features are the gist of Facebook and twitter as you can see clearly, and we are trying to bring the customized solution to our clients, incorporating both mediums and keeping the concept of Google Buzz, said Israr Yousaf. A proper team is now dedicatedly working on Google Buzz strategically developed apps which will sooner be benefiting the multinationals, entrepreneurs and particularly small and mid-sized business owners.

Inka Technology wants to discover the new ways of e-commencing, socializing, branding and modifying the old versions of techniques. This is the world of Social-Tech and this is the war too, we have resources, we have talented minds and we will kill the fire with our exceptional Google Buzz applications, iPhone applications, Facebook applications, Google android development, Twitter applications, J2ME Mobile applications, Facebook connect and much exciting and customized applications for our clients. We hope that the Google Buzz team will develop something unique and make a golden addition in our portfolio.

This is a loud offer for everyone who keep an eye on moon, if you want to have customized Google Buzz application, Twitter application, Facebook application, website development and everything that may boost up your business in a very cost-effective manner, you just need to drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as you want to see your success. We believe in constant change, change in technology, change in trend, change in horizons, but we never want to change our Burning-desire-to-excel value. This is our forte; this is Inka Technology is all about.

Thanks to my Google Buzz team, keep the high spirit guys and bring something innovative this time too, said Mr. Israr Yousaf.

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