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Google Algorithm Update – An Update on Massive Core Ranking

Press Release: January 02, 2019

In terms of updates, it is but a given that Google makes changes to their search engine algorithm almost everyday. Now in 2018, there have been multiple updates which they have indicted in their search algorithm. Unlike most predictions, this time, the google updates for search algorithms has indeed helped the business community with the changes that it made. All that one needs to know is about exploiting these updates for one’s website. Google had launched a massive website ranking update in August this year. Let us analyze these updates of 2018 –

More Relevance to Quality

Google’s new update is now taking more long term and relevant factors ore into consideration. Factors such as user experience, quality of content, on-page Search Engine Optimization is now being paid more attention. Your website’s quality matters a lot, and any technical issue thereby arising on your website will also affect your website’s rankings. Quality of your website matters a lot for your long-term ranking.

The impact of these updates is different on different kind of YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) websites. According to research, health websites were affected the most, and because of that, one of these updates is also called the ‘Medic Update’. Let us take a detailed look on the impact of these Google Algorithm Update –

YMYL Websites – For Google, these are the most important websites because they directly impact the websites. Therefore, Google has now made their algorithms such that these websites are now getting more site reputation based on their content quality and user trust.

Entertainment Websites – According to Social Media Marketing agencies, these websites have been impacted a lot after the August update rollout. These websites have now seen a 48% growth in terms of the website traffic.

Health Websites – Most of the health sector websites have been impacted, and for the worse. As far se the traffic on these websites is considered, many of these websites have experienced a downward surge in traffic, some of them seeing as much as 60% downward surge. However, the exact cause of the drop is traffic is still unknown. Maybe this update, if exploited may benefit these websites.

Steps to Make Necessary Changes According to the Update

In most cases, you need to do a very thorough crawl of your website, also with an audit of your website. If your website is being negatively impacted by this whole update, then you should make a whole strategy and identify the issues related to your website’s quality.

Make sure you are aware about all the Quality Rater Guidelines (QRG). After that, check all the parameters of your website accordingly and make necessary changes.

There are third parties who will get some much-needed feedback for your website. Also, ask your users to give you some important feedback and make changes.

Google Search Console Reporting is an important factor for analyzing your website.

Slowly, on-page SEO will become the core for your website. This doesn’t mean that getting mentions from influencers or popular pages will hurt.


It is quite visible that this update has impacted all kinds of website, both having high and low traffic. However, one should see it as a way to tackle all your website’s problems. It must be seen as a thing which has made the problems of your website show up on the surface and you need to take care of them.

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