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Goodkidz Introduces Live web app parental management solution for child devices

Press Release: February 11, 2019

The web experts at Proden Technologies have this week unveiled a brand new live child device management web app, suitable for both mobile & website solutions with extended support for modern web browsers, which aims to support parents to manage their child from anywhere. Original launched in Android smart devices (android phones & tablets) and has 1000+ customers worldwide.
Launching this February 2019, the web app is loaded with exciting features that take interactivity to the next level for managing iPhone and iPad devices. A built-in Real-Time Management tool allows parents to monitor and discipline their child devices. Additionally, all updates and maintenance can be carried out automatically, so there’s no need to worry about failures. UX Developers at Proden has total management over the design, layout, and management of the web app.
Kumar Muthusamy, COO of Project Goodkidz, says, “We’re proud to launch the brand new parental management web app to support parents who are struggling to regulate their children’s digital device usages. We’ve packed the web app with a multitude of features, some of them are an internet first, and to ensure our parental management solution offers a practical, user-friendly and innovative way to prevent children’s phone addiction.”
Devan Muthusamy, CTO of Project Goodkidz, in goodkidz press release meeting says that “Our goal here is to help parents to manage their children and limit the time spent on a cell phone thereby helping the children to focus on other activities such as academics, sports as well.”
Goodkidz Parental management app helps parents to restrict their child from Cell phone addiction. Our Parental management web app helps parents to manage the time, their children spend on a cell phone. It offers features like scheduling a child's bedtime, school time and weekend. Add child app access rules to block/allow/schedule a child's app individually or all if needed.
• Instant blocking
• Scheduled blocking
• App access (rules)
• Remote Blocking
• Web filtering
Pricing and Availability:

Proden has a free version and is available now from the https://good-kidz.com. Goodkidz Premium is available for users interested in protecting multiple devices. Goodkidz Premium is an optional upgrade from Goodkidz free account. Subscribe at $0.99/month and unlock features such as extended App access (rules), Website filtering, unlimited instant blocking up to 5 devices.

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