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Good NEWS:The Carry On travel podcast brings relief to listeners (and a chance to win)

Press Release: March 24, 2020



Co-hosts of ‘The Carry On’ podcast challenge listeners to record their own ASMR takes on funny Tripadvisor reviews


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24 March 2020: As the prospect of travelling grinds to a halt for the foreseeable future, the award-wanting travel podcast, The Carry On, is embracing the 2020 trend for armchair travel and inviting listeners to mine for comedy gold by trawling through Tripadvisor reviews, and recording their funniest finds ASMR-style. 

If you've not heard of it, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a tingling sensation – some say 'brain orgasm' – caused by certain stimuli like whispering, brushing sounds and even the sound of someone eating (although the crew fiercely contests this) and is largely used as a relaxing technique. It's big business online, YouTuber ASMR Darling has more than two million subscribers, and international brands like IKEA, Coca-Cola and KFC are embracing ASMR in their ad campaigns.

We’re entering the Wild West of travel content right now and armchair travel is one way to sate our wanderlust without leaving the house,” says Rose Dykins, travel journalist and one third of the The Carry On crew. “As we're currently grounded, we're all seeking some escapism right now, and so, The Carry On is challenging listeners to get involved, create their own audio content based on the hilarity of a Tripadvisor user scorned, and give it an ASMR twist.”

Episode One of The Carry On introduced its listeners to the delights of ASMR with “There Was Poo In The Kettle” an ASMR version of that legendary Tripadvisor review, beautifully performed by co-host Michelle McCarthy. 

To take part in the challenge, listeners can simply record an audio file of a Tripadvisor review that has tickled their fancy, upload it to Twitter and tag @CarryonPodcast, with the hashtag #TheCarryOnASMR. Winning entries will featured into an upcoming episode of The Carry On, and the ultimate champion will be rewarded with the crew's much lauded 'hairy bumbag' (as featured in episode three) filled with travel-related goodies.

For more information visit www.carryonpodcast.com/asmr/


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About The Carry On 

The Carry On is a travel podcast produced by travel writers, Tracey Davies and Rose Dykins, and travel PR, Michelle McCarthy, and recently named Podcast of The Week by The Times, and featured in The Telegraph, Metro UK and Travel Noire.

Recorded in Brighton, the three co-hosts will continue to deliver insights into their favourite destinations, give insider tips and explore some of the more unusual experiences and lesser known stories in the world of travel. Now with ten episodes available, subjects include surprise travel, Japan’s feline tourism boom, Rose getting naked in Istanbul and the joy of camping – Glastonbury special anyone?


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