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Press Release: March 30, 2020

Natwest “Back her business” competition runner nominated for Entrepreneur of Excellence at National Diversity Awards 2020

Jodie Warren from Loughborough has recently been entered into the NatWest Back her business “Bring it 2020” competition. Social Mortgage has made it through to the crowdfunding part of the competition and it is the only step left between her and the finals! The concept of the competition is to help women in business raise money and build their skills, helping them to get their business idea off the ground. They have been receiving coaching and support from their team helping them to build their crowdfunding project.


Once live not only will they be open to crowdfunding from supporters, but they will be eligible for further grant funding from NatWest and in the running for a £10,000 cash prize towards the project, so they need to gain supporters now more than ever! To say thank you for any pledges made there are some great rewards on offer! “Being part of this competition and crowdfunding campaign will help us build and expand our business and allow us to help as many people as possible realise their dream of owning their own home! The crowdfunding programme, entitled ‘Back Her Business’ has been developed in partnership with established provider, Crowdfunder, and forms part of the bank’s wider ambition to reduce the gender gap when it comes to entrepreneurship.”


The recent Alison Rose Review on Female Entrepreneurship, carried out alongside the UK Treasury, revealed that only 5.6% of women run their own business and further bank data also shows that women are half as likely as men to start a business (NatWest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2018). The report also showed that if women started businesses at the same rate as men, it would add £250bn to the UK economy, a figure equivalent to 4 years of natural GVA growth.


On Friday Jodie also found out that she had been nominated for the Entrepreneur of Excellence award at The National Diversity Awards 2020. The Breathtaking Liverpool Anglican Cathedral will play host to this year’s awards, to be held on 25th September. Britain’s most inspirational and selfless people will come together to honour the rich tapestry of our nation, recognising individuals and groups from grass roots communities. The prestigious black tie event recognises nominees in their respective fields of diversity including age, disability, gender, race, faith, religion and sexual orientation.

Jodie Warren: mum of 3, and founder of Social Mortgage says…

“Social Mortgage is an interactive social platform that helps facilitate the purchase of a property by putting the right people, products and services all in one place, enabling as many people as possible to get on the property ladder. We use our creativity and modern intelligence to apply practical, innovative and sustainable solutions to benefit society, often with an emphasis on those who are marginalised. We are passionate leaders of change and believe that the way things have always been done are not necessarily the way things should remain. We have a passion to improve the lives of others in their community and beyond. To shape the future of today and for generations to come we must be pro-active and embrace change positively. By breaking the “norm” we can overcome obstacles and build independence through social equality and inclusion. We are connecting people and building futures the “Social way”.


The housing crisis is real, but it goes far deeper than a lack of affordable housing! Britain’s hidden housing crisis is taking away the basic human rights of those with disabilities! There is a serious lack of accessible housing available throughout the UK which is robbing many in our society of the opportunity to live independently! We aim to deal directly with new build property developers at the planning stage to make it easier for people with disabilities to live an independent life, whilst connecting them with specialist mortgage providers and fundraisers where needed for any specialist equipment that may be required.


I hate seeing inequality and discrimination and wouldn’t like to leave this world knowing that I haven’t made a difference! I think that if people can embrace change and be more socially accepting of each other, then the world will be a far better place in future. By doing things differently, together we can make the change.


Social Mortgage is registering as a CIC Company. A community interest company (or CIC) is a special form of non-charitable limited company, which exists primarily to benefit a community or with a view to pursuing a social purpose, rather than to make a profit for shareholders. We feel that we will be in a better position to be able to help others with the CIC Status in hand.


  • We will be placing an emphasis on those with disabilities that struggle with accessibility issues around housing, those robbed of the basic human right to live an independent life.
  • Service and ex service people should receive far more support than they do currently, we will help to provide adequate housing for those that have been injured during the course of their duty.
  • The emergency services, NHS workers and careers.

This will all run alongside Social Mortgages interactive social platform that helps facilitate the purchase of a property by putting all the people, products and services in one place. Meet others in similar situations, connect with people in your area, build friendships and buy together!

By keeping it social we will build futures together.


ITV News will be working in association with The National Diversity Awards to highlight role models and community organisations on regional and national news channels. Rachel Corp, Acting Editor, ITV News said; “We are pleased that ITV News will once again be supporting the National Diversity Awards. ITV News remains committed to telling the stories of those, who through their work and dedication to helping others have made a difference; enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion in our society. We look forward to introducing the 2020 nominees to our viewers across the regions and nation.”


The UK’s largest diversity awards has attracted a growing list of supporters including Adam Hills, Graham Norton and Katie Piper. Sir Lenny Henry CBE, last year’s winner of the Celebrity of the Year gong said;


“Diversity to me means involving everybody without any discrimination; its means having integrated groups in society, it means fairness and total inclusion and that’s what the National Diversity Awards are about. Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated, you’re all doing a fantastic job, rock on!”


The National Diversity Awards receives over 28,000 nominations and votes annually. Founder & CEO Paul Sesay said, “As we enter our 09th awards season, The National Diversity Awards prepare to welcome a host of outstanding role models and charities to our family. We look to those who represent progress, spirit and resilience, and I cannot wait to learn about the wonderful work being carried out this year”.


Voting is now open and close May 18th 2020 - so don’t miss out on your chance to get involved and show your support! 


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