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Golf ball challenger recieves rave reviews

Press Release: January 08, 2010

Berrygolf.com, the online Tour quality golf ball brand has received rave reviews from leading online golf magazines as it enters the European market; challenging the status quo pricing of premium golf balls.

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Review: www.Golfmagic.com
Author: Bob Waters

Weblink: http://www.golfmagic.com/news/article/mps/uan/6582

Coventry-based BerryGolf sent me a selection this week of their new 'online exclusive' golf balls which the company claims can be fitted to suit your game.

In the pack came three each of the Surefeel, HVx Distance, TouchSoft and Tour Extreme - available on line from £10.68 per dozen including VAT and postage.

Each ball claims to fit certain parts of your game - for example if you're looking for distance control and feel - the Tour Extreme might suit, for extra distance the HVx Distance; for instant spin - the SureFeel.

Together with some playing colleagues we tried them during an 18-hole round and all came to similar conclusions.

*Hardly a mark on any ball so they're certainly durable

*Off the tee, no discernable difference in feel against mid-range-priced balls but certainly more distance.

*Hard to control with mid-irons but taking one to two clubs less for the distance tended to bounce on and find the green and seemed a rewarding tactic.

*Whatever ball you chose it was hard to control chips and putts, which tended to fly firmly off the clubface.

*You have to admire the price - nearly half that of mid-priced distance balls and a quarter that of premium balls.

Review: www.amateurgolfnet.co.uk
Author: Richard Wilton

Weblink: http://www.amateurgolfnet.co.uk

"I was sent a selection of balls from Berrygolf recently and took them to my local course to test them out. The pack consisted of three each of the Surefeel, HVx Distance, TouchSoft and Tour Extreme.

The different balls claim to suit certain parts of your game. For all round distance, control and feel the Tour Extreme might suit, for extra distance choose the HVx Distance and for lots of spin go for the SureFeel."

Could not really separate The Tour Extreme and HVx Distance off the tee with a driver, however I managed to hit the fairway three times in a row with the Tour Extreme ball so was very impressed with the accuracy.

Control & Feel:
I have quite a low ball flight and was impressed with being able to stop the Surefeel very quickly, although all balls apart from the HVx Distance performed well with mid-short irons into the greens.

Durability & Cost:
Virtually no marks on any of the balls after the round so it looks as though you will get quite a few rounds out of each one, very good value for money!

Review: www.golftoday.co.uk
Author: Clive Carpenter

Weblink: http://www.golftoday.co.uk

"I did indeed have a knock, and spent some time chipping and putting with them, and was very impressed by their price/quality ratio.

I thought performance-wise they were a good match for the much more expensive balls I usually play with, and at my level of golf (4 was my lowest ever handicap, but now off 8). I felt only minimal difference off the club, mostly with the irons. I didn't find a problem stopping them on the green.

Contrary to Golfmagic, I did find that they scuffed up more quickly than, say, a Titleist or a Srixon, but I'd live with that for the price. "

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