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Press Release: March 03, 2020

Have you always wanted to start a business of your own? Are you sick and tired of working the 9-5 grind? Do you feel that you don’t have enough time to pursue any of your hobbies and passions? Well, GoFounders is the solution that you have been looking for!

What exactly is GoFounders?

GoFounders provides you an awesome community that is compassionate and committed to your vision and goals. It is a leading IT company, dedicated to providing tools and services for registered members.

Activities such as sending invitations to prospects are excellent in creating a team of pro-active and desire-driven members.

Since the day it has been launched, GoFounders has been receiving thousands of registrations every week, and today there are more than 57,000 founders on this platform who are actively participating in business and team-building activities.

The founders are free to communicate, send invites, and share content across various social media channels and websites to educate prospects. Once they successfully register on this platform, they can access AI-driven tools designed for automating multiple business activities, such as sales, promotions, and CRM.

Why should you join GoFounders?

GoFounders is not just a business, and it is much more than that. It acts as an online community. It acts as a back-office of ONPASSIVE and acts as a superior team-building tool.

After successful registration, founders can access plug-n-play software, which is developed for automating the entire business operation. Founders can receive support from the community members in receiving financial freedom.

How can an active GoFounders community help to transform your dreams into reality?

Everybody dreams of launching an online business, and the dream gets shattered due to 2 main reasons, which are:

  • Skilful team members are working on your project.

  • Sufficient finance in supporting business operations.

GoFounders can communicate freely with one another, send quick invites, and share content on different social media channels. Once done, GoFounders successfully is capable of strategizing the entire business strategy.

GoFounders can significantly improve your team-building efforts. GoFounders can build a successful team with its innovative platform, through the following ways such as:

  • Greater psychological safety:

Your team members can feel much safer when they do not undergo any risks. GoFounders can help to improve the overall psychological safety of your team.

  • Higher dependability:

High reliability is an extremely significant feature, and it allows members to have clear goals, strategies, and goals.

  • Better structure & increased clarity:

GoFounders set a clear structure by providing you a clear insight into your teams and the teams within a group.

  • Significant impact:

GoFounders leave a remarkable impact on each of its members as they learn the moral values of helping each other to build a team.

We hope you find this article informative in understanding how exactly GoFounders operates. Thanks for reading. We wish you the best of luck for success in the future.

 GoFounders can successfully help you to pursue all your dreams, by starting your own business from the ground up and get on the path towards achieving excellence. If you are still in doubt there is no need to worry, here is a complete GoFounders review:

  • Help in conducting proper marketing research:

GoFounders is a suitable business that can help you to do market research successfully. Proper marketing research can tell you if there is an opportunity, can turn your idea into a successful business plan. You can also use certain information to get a competitive advantage for your business.

  • Writing your entire business plan:

The business forms the core foundation of your business, and it also acts as a roadmap. You can use your business plan to convince people that are working with you, and figuring out how to get investors in your company as well.

  • Funding your business:

GoFounders can also help to figure out how much money you need to start your business. This will be great as you will get an understanding of your allocation of resources, whether you need to raise or borrow the capital.

  • Picking a suitable business location:

GoFounders can help you to pick out an appropriate business location, and it is one of the most critical decisions that you will make. Even if you are setting brick and mortar business, which can help in launching an online store, choices that you would make which can affect your taxes.

  • Choosing the best structure for your business:

The legal structure that you want for your business can impact your business registration requirements, how much you pay in taxes and personal liability as well.

  • Selecting a suitable business name:

GoFounders can help to reflect your brand and capture the essence and spirit, and this can also ensure that your business name is not being used by anybody else.

  • Registering your business:

When you pick out the perfect business name, it is time to make it legal and protect your brand as well. GoFounders can help to register with the state government and the central government.


In conclusion, GoFounders can tremendously help to start your new business opportunity and take it to the next level. Besides all these various opportunities provided by GoFounders, they have countless other benefits.

They can help you to understand your taxes as a business and how to pay for them quickly. You will also apply for individual licenses and permits as well. In case you do not know how to open a business account, GoFounders can help you out!

We hope you liked this GoFounders review and have understood the business better. Thanks for reading!

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