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Press Release: March 26, 2010


26th March 2010


With both P.Diddy and Colin Firth recently championing eco-friendly furniture stores, the demand for greener home design is becoming increasingly prominent in the publics consciousness.

And it seems going green doesnt mean compromising on style. London-based eco-friendly furniture company, Bambienti, have managed to combine green materials with great, cutting-edge design, resulting in what is truly ethically sourced and eco-friendly products.

Their products range from unique wine bottle holders, to gorgeous coffee tables, and from stylish laundry baskets, to cosy armchairs. All of which are made from a naturally sustainable material: Bamboo.

Its become common knowledge that conventional timber resources are not sustainable, and that as long as theres a demand for timber, forests will continue to decrease while the worlds CO2 emissions rise.

Therefore, isnt it natural that consumers opt for the greener option? By using a material that is not only naturally sustainable, but also strong, stylish, and unique, Bambienti provides us with the greener alternative.

So what is it about Bamboo that is so green?

Bamboo releases more oxygen than the equivalent strands of trees, as much as 35% in some instances, and therefore provides a natural resistance for a planet with increasing CO2 emissions. Impressively, it is capable of removing up to 12 tons of carbon dioxide from the air per hectare. It also grows incredibly quickly, sometimes as much as a metre a day.

Bamboo is naturally sustainable as well because its actually a woody grass with a unique rhizome so requires no replanting after harvesting, whereas a conventional tree is cut down and gone forever.

Plus, to put your fears for the wildlife at rest, none of the Bamboo Bambienti uses is used for food by the panda bear.

Its also important to be aware of how the products you buy are made. We all know that mass manufactured products rely upon carbon intensive processes, and are produced in large factories where laborers are, more often than not, marginalized.

Bambientis designs, on the other hand, are all handmade by a selected network of small and medium sized, cottage industry style workshops, all of which have met Bambientis founder Charles. They aim to ensure that their staffs wages are above average for the area, promoting a positive and more comfortable lifestyle for their workers families, while ensuring that working conditions are clean, comfortable, and safe.

So theres now no excuse when it comes to making your home greener. Go for a sustainable material like Bamboo and youll be doing your bit for the environment, supporting workers but without compromising on style. Every little counts when it comes to helping the world go green.


Further info:

There are five main reasons for using Bamboo over Timber

1. Bamboo requires no replanting after harvesting and is naturally sustainable.
2. Bamboo grows extremely quickly. Up to one metre a day in some instances.
3. Bamboo provides natural resistance for a planet with increasing CO2 emissions. It releases more oxygen than the equivalent strands of trees, as much as 35% in some instances and is capable of removing up to 12 tons of carbon-dioxide from the air per hectare (10,000 m2).
4. Bamboo can be successfully grown in the top soil of degraded land. This is something that is not easy to do with conventional trees. We can therefore use Bamboo to counteract the damage caused by illegal logging.
5. By designing and making products using Bamboo we hope to support a necessary process that reduces our over reliance upon already limited sustainable timber resources.

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