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Go Live UK Announces the Successful Launch of the Redesigned International Baggage Insurance Website

Press Release: August 11, 2017

Go Live UK is happy to announce the launch of yet another successful project. The new and improved International Baggage Insurance website is now live. Its latest iteration benefits from visual and functional improvements, facilitating effortless customer interaction and better optimisation opportunities.
International Baggage Insurance is a leading specialist insurance company within the travel field. It aims to provide customers with unique insurance options, covering specific baggage contents. Their website has been improved and redeveloped with this in mind, showcasing their distinctive services all the while improving their brand presence.
In summary, the redesigned International Baggage Insurance website features:
• A comprehensive Insurance Booking form
• Detailed Service Information, showcasing the unique benefits that clients receive
• A migration of the website to the WordPress Content Management System
• Complete Mobile Responsiveness
When a visitor lands on International Baggage Insurance’s homepage, they are merely a click away from accessing all of the information, required to make an educated decision about the service. The website content and visuals have been hand-picked to promote the customised insurance service and facilitate effortless access to the booking form.
The previous iteration of the International Baggage Insurance website did not feature a content management system of any sort. This made it difficult for the owners to implement changes on their own and endangered both their visitors and the website itself. Along with the redesign, Go Live UK’s cyber security team suggested a migration to a content management system. This was done to both improve the website’s security and ease the client into applying changes on their own. Furthermore, this migration offers excellent Search Engine Optimisation possibilities, which would serve to greatly improve the client’s brand presence and build customer loyalty.
Go Live UK also implemented a comprehensive Insurance Booking functionality. Using the customised form, a visitor can quickly and effortlessly figure out what type of insurance they need, safely and securely input all of the required details and immediately begin benefitting from the service.
Go Live UK is a specialist cyber security and online business solutions provider, based in London. The company has extensive expertise in the field, having provided thousands of business owners worldwide with an excellent web presence and peace of mind. Should you be interested in learning more about our services and how your specific projects can benefit from our timely intervention, please send an email to [email protected] or visit http://www.goliveuk.com.

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