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Go Live UK Announces the Successful Launch of the Engraveagift Website

Press Release: January 22, 2017

Go Live UK is happy to announce the completion of another website development project. The amended version of Engraveagift is now live. The latest iteration of the website benefits from an improved design approach, facilitating easier access to features, enhanced customisation options and complete mobile functionality.
Engraveagift is a business, focused on gift customisation. The website itself is carefully tailored to allow easy access and seamless customisation options to the users with a simple click. In summary, the redesigned Engraveagift website features:
• An advanced, easy to use gift customisation functionality
• A migration to an easier to use CMS (Content Management System)
• A migration of all previous content
• Full Mobile Responsiveness
• PayPal integration
Getting to the gift customisation page takes merely a few clicks. Once there, visitors have a plethora of possible engraving options, represented by different fields. The interface allows for intuitive customisation, offering instantaneous preview of what the given product will look like, should the visitor choose to continue with their purchase
Go Live UK redesigned the website, using the popular and easy to manage WordPress platform. Engraveagift now benefits from the WooCommerce plugin, designed specifically with e-commerce websites in mind. The migration was done to make it easier for the client to update and change content on the website as well as to improve the existing operational capabilities. During the migration all of the previous functionalities of the website were preserved and carried over to the new version along with the Engraveagift catalogue, featuring over 157 products. Alongside that, an advanced product customisation feature was implemented. This was done to alleviate customer experience.
Go Live UK is a London-based technology solutions provider, specialising in cyber security and online business improvements. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Go Live UK strives to provide businesses with rapid and convenient online solutions. Should you wish to learn more about the services offered by Go Live UK and how they can help with your specific projects, please send an email to info@goliveuk.com or visit http://www.goliveuk.com.

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