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Go Live UK Announces the Successful Launch of Orbis Moving Website

Press Release: May 17, 2017

Go Live UK is happy to announce the completion of yet another website development project. The removal and storage website Orbis Moving is now live! Go Live UK were tasked with the creation of a bespoke modern website, featuring a number of advanced functionalities. On top of the improved contact form and live chat features, Orbis Moving benefits from special quotation forms and calculators, custom-tailored to its business model.
For Orbis, this website serves two purposes – popularising their brand and extending their business practices. The calculator alongside its associated forms is meant to be a direct extension of their business, allowing clients to receive quotations and request services. Go Live UK were to provide Orbis Moving with a modern tool, capable of handling complex customer requests, providing them with specific information. The Content Management System of choice for this website development project was WordPress. It was chosen both to alleviate moderation hassles on behalf of the Orbis team and to facilitate an easier search engine optimisation process.
In summary, the Orbis Moving website benefits from:
• An easy to operate Content Management System
• A stylish look, in line with the modern web design trends
• Advanced contact and live chat functionalities, facilitating slick user experience
• Separate, custom-tailored quotation calculators, for local and international moving
• Full Mobile Responsiveness
The design was created in line with the Orbis Moving brand, their mission, vision and goals. The design features large, enticing images, fortified with the brand colours of Orbis Moving. Each part of the website has been developed with user experience in mind, focusing on ease of use. All pages allow access to the main features so that visitors can benefit from them regardless of where they are.
The website’s main attraction – the custom-tailored quotation calculators - allow users to provide Orbis Moving with detailed information about their personal needs. This serves to both ease visitors into the moving process and streamline Orbis’ workflow.
The calculator itself allows users to state their number of bedrooms, location and details. This provides them with a rough estimation of the total furniture volume that would need moving. Afterwards, clients can proceed to the next stage, where they are greeted by built-in visual representations of the types of furniture and house appliances that might require moving.
A plethora of quality of life features are present, assisting users throughout the process. Should one go over their previously assumed volume, for example, the calculator will notify them and suggest that an adjustment. After the process is complete, the calculator generates a PDF report for the user and sends it to them by email.
Go Live UK is a London-based cyber security and website development company. They have worked in field of online business solution for over 20 years, providing numerous businesses with bespoke solutions. Should you wish to learn more about their services or get help with your specific project, please send an email to info@goliveuk.com or visit http://www.goliveuk.com.

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