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Go Live UK Announces the Launch of Website Checker Free 2.0

Press Release: November 24, 2016

Go Live UK has announced the launch of another project. The new and improved version of Website Checker Free is now live. The 2.0 version of the website comes with improved functionality, visuals and offers more detailed information to the user.
Website Checker Free is a project, aimed at helping websites increase their positions in search results. As such, it subjects any website it is presented with, to a plethora of in-depth checks, showing what Google thinks of it. Search engines rank their results based on hundreds of factors, but only a few of them have a noticeable impact on their positions. Website Checker Free 2.0 is designed to run over 50 checks, focusing on the most important factors.
The 2.0 version of Website Checker Free features:
• A lot of new, additional checks about the given website and its elements
• An increased functionality of the already existing checks
• An improved Speed Checking functionality
• A brand-new Social Activity Statistics Tool
The latest version is meant to deliver a lot more detailed information to better assist website owners and webmasters alike in improving their search result positions and get on top of Google easier. The website is built following the latest and best practices in website design, ensuring exceptional mobile performance, browser ubiquity and smooth visual experience.
Improvements have also been implemented in the report generation and delivery systems. Website owners can now receive a much more detailed PDF report file, listing their scores and providing links to a rich informational database. Thanks to this, users can have a much easier time implementing improvements and changes in their websites on their own.
Should you wish to learn more about the services offered by Go Live UK and how they can help with your specific projects, please send an email to info@goliveuk.com or visit http://www.goliveuk.com.

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