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Go Live UK Announces the Launch of Their Newly Redesigned Website

Press Release: November 24, 2016

Go Live UK has announced the release of their newly redesigned website. The company specializes in Cyber Security and Online Business Solutions which their improved page is set on outlining. Multiple steps have been taken to improve the functionality and visual presentation of the website.

With their changes, the Go Live UK experts aim to take the experience of their users to the next level. In order to achieve this, new and exciting design steps have been taken, bringing forth a whole new level of visual experience. A couple of pages have been added, providing additional resources and useful materials to the visitors. The website now features more in-depth information, showcasing what the long years of experience can bring to the table. Coding adjustments have been implemented, drastically shortening the loading time and improving the Content Management System.

The website revamp focuses on two key points:

• New, exciting visual design – the work of a designer heavily relies on creativity, yet modern-day web designers are rarely left to their own devices when working on customer projects. In the creation of their own company website, however, the Go Live UK experts got the chance to fully unleash the scope of their creativity, bringing their ideas to life.
• User experience – Customer satisfaction has always been one of the most important things for Go Live UK. With this in mind, their new and improved website allows for much faster loading, resulting in a smoother user experience. The content has also received some tweaks, offering more detailed information about the services, provided by the company.

Along with these changes, the website has also been thoroughly tested and enhanced to be as mobile friendly as possible, following the latest trends and best web design practices. As per modern development standards, visitors can be sure to find all needed information merely a few clicks away.

The Portfolio and Clients pages, featuring previously finished projects for customers, have also seen changes. The improved gallery interface allows for easy and intuitive navigation, showing visitors what the different types and approaches in web design can offer. The newly added Media page features various interviews and short videos, showcasing the goals, ideas and mind-set that the company employs in its work.

Should you wish to learn more about the services offered by Go Live UK and how they can help with your specific projects, please send an email to info@goliveuk.com or visit http://www.goliveuk.com.

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