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Glohow becomes part of Kakao Games in a path to global mobile gaming business.

Press Release: November 06, 2020

‘Glohow Holdings Pte.Ltd.’, Singapore-based mobile game publisher joined force with Kakao Games in preparation to enter Asia and Global market.

On 3rd of August, 2020, Kakao Games released a registration statement detailing that in the past June, it has acquired 54.90% shares of Glohow Holdings PTE. LTD., a mobile game publisher company headquartered in Singapore. As a result, Glohow Holdings and Glohow Co., Ltd. a partner company located in Thailand, have become subsidiaries of Kakao Games.

Kakao Games plans to enter the Asian market via Glohow in the 3rd quarter of 2020, placing its first step with Guardian Tales successfully becoming the highest grossing game on Appstore Taiwan and Macao, the second highest grossing on Appstore Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. The game also ranked the highest among role-playing games on Appstore Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, and Taiwan. On the Google Play Store, Guardian Tales is crowned highest grossing role-playing game on Play Store Hong Kong, second highest grossing in Macau, as well as highest and second highest ranked role-playing game Play Store Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand respectively.

Namgoong Hoon, representative from Kakao Games has expressed his opinion that, “Glohow has a major role in the success of Guardian Tales in Southeast Asia, where its revenue is even higher than from Korea. It can be said that this year is opening an era of Kakao Games’ mobile games going to the international level.”

On September 10th, Kakao Games successfully registered in the KOSDAQ stock market. Its shares totaled at 3.9 billion dollars, maintaining the 5th place in Korea's market share.

Glohow Co., Ltd. has the expertise as well as experience and knowledge in mobile game publishing processes for distributing games and applications to the global audience. It has outstanding records evident from past projects and partnerships with many leading companies from around the world, such as Final Blade (Sky People), King’s Raid (Vespa), Phantom Chaser (Floppy Games), Man or Vampire (Hidea), ZEPETO (Snow and NaverZ), Boxing Star and Monster Super League (4:33), DC Unchained (ThumbAge), and Guardian Tales from Kakao Games which is one of Glohow latest achievements

Glohow not only works as co-publisher with Kakao Games or other leading game/application developers worldwide but is also striving to expand business into production of women-targeted contents. The company plans to expand into the global content market using local advantages of Southeast Asian diversity, such as linguistically talented human resources or the rapidly growing markets.

Jinny Kim, CEO of Glohow has expressed her opinion that, “As a company management perspective, Glohow is equipped with ambitious and skilled talents with potential in working multi-dimensionally as well as possessing outstanding language skills. From the global market perspective, the Southeast Asian market is populated by people of diverse tastes as a result from open flow of population and crossing cultures. Furthermore, the gaming market in Southeast Asia has also been growing at a rapid pace.”

“With the outstanding capabilities of our crews, we are confident and ready to take on the global market,” the CEO finished her remark.


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