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GlobalCompliancePanel Advertising Opportunities

Press Release: June 13, 2016

GlobalCompliancePanel, a globally known provider of relevant, useful and value added professional trainings in all the areas of regulatory compliance, has announced huge advertising opportunities on its website.
GlobalCompliancePanel is part of NetZealous, a provider of professional trainings for a wide range of areas such as regulatory compliance, human resources, healthcare and IT. GlobalCompliancePanel will now offer exciting opportunities for advertising products and services on its website. The webpage for advertising on this portal is http://www.globalcompliancepanel.com/control/advertise
Chance to advertise to a global audience of professionals
GlobalCompliancePanel has been in the regulatory compliance professional trainings industry for over eight years, and is a well-known provider of regulatory trainings. The fact of having trained over a million professionals in various short and long term courses from its panel of well-known Experts is testimony to this fact.
GlobalCompliancePanel offers advertisers enormous benefits of advertising on its website, which has these outstanding features:
o More than 100,000 unique visitors each month
o More than 300,000 page views every month
o Over 35,000 professionals who have subscribed for GlobalCompliancePanel’s emails
o More than 60,000 followers on social media platforms –38,000 on Twitter and 20,000 on LinkedIn
Variety of options for advertising
o GlobalCompliancePanel offers a number of options for advertisers to advertise on its website:
o Banners: GlobalCompliancePanel offers advertisers a wide range of options. It offers the following banner ads: top and bottom leaderboard, rectangle, square, etc. Also of note is the fact that these banners do not get rotated with other advertisers, which means that each advertiser gets 100% of the impressions.
o Post Review: If GlobalCompliancePanel find a product or service relevant and useful to its audience, it will publish a review of it on the social media.
o Email Blast: GlobalCompliancePanel will make a review of your product or service and email it to its 35,000-strong newsletter subscribers.
To explore this huge opportunity, just mail GlobalCompliancePanel at advertising@globalcompliancepanel.com or call up +1-800-447-9407.
Aim at C-Level executives in the Regulatory Affairs arena
A very important benefit of advertising with GlobalCompliancePanel is that it offers advertisers the opportunity to target a very educated, niche and specialized market, consisting of topnotch professionals in the areas of:
o Regulatory Affairs
o Quality Management
o Risk Management
o Corporate Governance
o Compliance Management
o Human Resource Management
o Healthcare
Highly informed community of educated professionals
Advertising on GlobalCompliancePanel gives advertisers a unique opportunity for connecting with GlobalCompliancePanel’s community:
o Over a million learners have benefited from GlobalCompliancePanel’s training courses that cater to various segments of the compliance industry
o GlobalCompliancePanel’s training courses cover all the compliance areas of FDA, EMA and other regulatory bodies
o Rich experience of having conducted thousands of training courses spread over a number of mediums such as webinars, seminars and in-house trainings and Consulting
o GlobalCompliancePanel’s Experts cover a vast spread of areas of trainings, such as Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Drug and Biologics, Biotechnology, Clinical Compliance, Food and Beverages, FDA Compliance, Banking and Financial Services, HIPAA Compliance, Auditing Accounting and Tax, Aerospace and Defense/FAA Compliance, Construction, Science and Technology, Environmental Compliance, Supply Chain Management, Trade and Logistics Compliance
o Offers knowledge of best practices, regulatory updates and trends in the respective industries
o Most of GlobalCompliancePanel’s trainings are RAPS or HRCI-approved, which entitles professionals to upgrade their careers
About NetZealous:
NetZealous, LLC, is an established player in the professional trainings and e-learning areas in the US and elsewhere. It leverages the latest technologies to impart professional trainings across the globe on a wide variety of areas. These trainings are highly focused, current and are offered by experienced Experts who have made a name in the industry.
NetZealous LLC is headquartered in Fremont, CA and has offices in different geographies, such as Bangalore, Singapore, and UK.
A professional training provider run by professionals, NetZealous understands its clients’ learning needs and provides them solutions with which they raise the level of their professional performance and scale the professional ladder.
NetZealous brands
NetZealous offers professional trainings in diversified, niche areas. NetZealous’ brands include:
GlobalCompliancePanel: A portal for trainings on the areas of regulatory compliance.
TrainHR: The NetZealous brand for human resources professionals
MentorHealth: Offers professional trainings for healthcare professionals
ITTtrainingCenter: Provider of IT trainings
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