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Global volunteer in the running to be Miss JetSet 2021.

Press Release: January 08, 2021

My name is Lauren Snyder and I grew up in the Annapolis area. I went to Broadneck Elementary School, Magothy Middle School, and graduated from Broadneck High School. The incredible education I received at those schools led me to be accepted to many colleges, but I graduated from Towson University. After moving around several states and cities, I recently moved back to Maryland to be closer to family and to give back to the communities that made me who I am today. 
Broadneck High School had and still has an incredible volunteer group/campus chapter with Habitat for Humanity. I got involved with this group when I was a junior in high school and had the opportunity to volunteer in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2009 with a large group of students, teachers, and volunteers. This experience was life-changing. It led me to start a campus chapter at Towson University. This campus group went from 0 active members to 250 in just one year. We traveled to many different cities and volunteered in Baltimore, Annapolis, Miami FL, Laredo TX, New Orleans LA, and more. We spent our spring breaks volunteering instead of going on the typical Cabo trip. 
In my senior year of college, I decided to accept a position with Teach for America. You rank your preferred cities 1-10 and I chose New Orleans as my #1 after the impact that high school volunteer trip had on me. The day after graduation (literally) I moved halfway across the country committing to at least two years teaching middle school students in a lower-income community at a poorly funded school. These were the best and most impactful 3 years of my life. 
I'm now in my late 20s and since those experiences, I constantly get the urge to get back out there with Habitat and volunteer. Last summer, I fundraised for 6 months in preparation to join a group of 20 and had the opportunity to travel to Africa with Habitat for Humanity Global Village. We spent one week building a safe shelter for a group of siblings who lost their parents to AIDS, a very common situation in this particular village of Lesotho. Lesotho is a landlocked country inside of South Africa. We completed the house in one week. 
After my experience last year, I was inspired to plan and lead my own trip in 2021. Additionally, I was inspired to take my experiences to the next level. Because of COVID, this trip is delayed, but I have decided to run for Miss JetSet 2021, in hopes of winning $50,000 and having the opportunity to lead a platform worldwide to spread kindness, volunteerism, and the mission of Habitat for Humanity. 
Jetset Magazine is an American lifestyle magazine founded in 2006, aimed at those with an affluent lifestyle. Some of the most successful visionaries in history are featured on the cover of this magazine. It's TYPICALLY only reserved for the most powerful and influential people on the planet. However, this year they are searching for the next model to grace the cover and follow in the footsteps of those most influential leading ladies. You had to apply and be accepted, and I was! While I am NOT a professional model or your "typical Miss JetSet", it's 2021 and anything is possible. I'm confident with the support of my community, I can make this happen and change the trajectory and worldwide impact the Miss JetSet magazine has. 
I publicly vowed on my Instagram @snyderpretzel, to use 100% of the $50,000 (should I win), to fund an entire group's trip; including the donation towards Habitat, to go back to Africa and volunteer in the same villages to continue to help adolescents have safe shelter and brighter future. I also vow to use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use the magazine cover platform to spread the mission of Habitat for Humanity, share my stories, and inspire others that are fortunate to give back. I hope to be an inspiration to all that you don't have to be the "typical anything" to make an impact in this life. 
I am vulnerably asking for the support of the community that inspired me to continue on this mission. To have any chance of making it to the final round, I need as many votes as possible. To support me and vote, you can go to miss.jetsetmag.com/2021/lauren-snyder. Every person with Facebook gets 1 free vote per day. Those that would like to cast several votes, can pay $1 per vote. A percentage of paid votes goes to Miss JetSets partner non-profit, the B+ Foundation, which is the largest provider of financial assistance to families of kids with cancer in the United States. 

I am currently in 1st place in my group, but this is only round one. There are several rounds between now and the final date of February. I'm not the typical Miss JetSet as they are typically professional models on a mission, but I am ambitious and inspired to be a leader and an example for younger girls that when you put your mind to something with good intentions, you can accomplish anything. The voting rounds are below: 

-Top 15 (Starts January 5th and Ends January 14th) - Public voting will help reduce each group to the top fifteen models.

-Top 10 (Starts January 14th and Ends January 21st) - Public voting will help reduce each group to the top ten models.
-Top 5 (Starts January 21st and Ends January 28th) - Public voting will help reduce each group to the top five models.
-Group Winners (Starts January 28th and Ends February 4th) - Public voting will help reduce to one preliminary winner in each group. Group winners will advance to the Quarter Finals.
-Quarterfinals (Starts February 5th and Ends February 11th) – Preliminary group winners and Wildcard winners will be divided into quarter-final groups. Voting will be reset, and public voting will determine one (1) winner from each quarter-finals group that will advance into the semi-finals.
-Semi-Finals (Starts February 12th and Ends February 18th) – Quarter-final winners will be divided into semi-final groups. Voting will be reset, and public voting will determine one (1) winner from each semi-finals group that will advance into the final round.

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