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Global Intel Source - Rethinking Defence and Security

Press Release: June 24, 2020

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Gianpaulo Coletti

Chief of Staff - Cornerstone Holdings Corp



Global Intel Source - Rethinking Defence and Security

The world’s defence and security markets are being reshaped by new strategies. Most countries have been seen reducing or rebalancing their defence spending and the greatest increase seen across the board has been in the intelligence segment.

New threats need to be dealt with in very different ways - one needs to not only react to attacks but also to proactively identify and address the more complex threats we are faced with.

In conjunction with its parent company Defence Unlimited International, Global Intel Source was established to assist governments and private enterprises in the intelligence segment of military spending. Global Intel Source can offer the following services to its clients across the world:

      • Holistic Approach towards addressing new threats
      • Access to a specialist pool of contractors who train and help develop a vast intelligence network
      • Collaborative project coordinators and platform providers. With this service provided to specific countries seeking to develop a coordinated effort towards fighting common threats. Global intel sources can be placed as an independent platform provider and facilitator in a unique and trusted position to help coordinate mutual interest projects in scenarios where countries still have an element of distrust.
      • Threat Risk Analysis or General Advice with respect to specific projects or initiatives, critical infrastructure analysis and security (cyber and infrastructure) analysis.
      • Knowledge is power. By identifying weaknesses and the potential security threats in a specific clients nation. Global Intel Source can act on providing them with the hard security assets needed to address any such threat.

Global Intel Source operates internationally and is led by Edward Sawiris Banayoti, the CEO of Cornerstone Holdings and Founder of Defence Unlimited International. Mr Banayoti says that “Global Intel Source is there to assist governments to improve their intelligence gathering and analysis services”.

To discuss your intelligence needs, please contact Edward Sawiris Banayoti on edward@defenceunlimited.com.


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