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Global Foods UK: Your Trustworthy Supplier Of Organic Date Products

Press Release: July 02, 2019

Global Foods UK (globalfoods.uk.com) takes pride in supplying organic date products to the pan-European market. With their goods, the company aims to help both small and big brands in creating and developing new products.

Global Foods UK understands the importance of quality standards when it comes to dates. For such reasons, they make sure to source only the finest dates all over the world – from Asia, the Middle East to North Africa.

This supplier has a broad variety of date products to choose from. Among their products includes date puree and date paste, which are perfect for adding natural sweetness to other food. Such dates are also already minced and pitted, making it ready for processing. Aside from that, they have chopped dates available in different sizes that offer natural healthy sweetness to products like biscuits and smoothies.

Global Foods UK also provides date syrups available in varying consistency, from thick to light. These syrups are ideal sweeteners and are also guaranteed to be 100% natural and organic.

Along with that, this supplier makes sure that each product has the highest level of freshness on delivery. According to them, “Global Foods maintains a chilled supply chain for all products (except syrups that must be ambient) from manufacture to our warehouse. From the minute our products come off the production line and are packed and ready to ship, they are refrigerated and remain this way all the way to the UK where it is stored in our BRC A grade refrigeration unit”.

To further ensure that customers will receive nothing but quality products from them, this supplier takes quality assurance very seriously. They only buy and stock goods from factories that are BRC or ISO 22000 certified. Every factory they work with were also inspected by one of their teams to further assure that each one meets the strict standards set by Global Foods UK. At the same time, this supplier conducts strict and random lab testing to their products to guarantee that product standards are of the highest quality.

To find out more details about Global Foods UK and the products they offer, kindly head over to their official website at https://globalfoods.uk.com/date-syrup-suppliers.

About Global Foods UK

Global Foods UK is committed to providing high-quality date products, which are 100% natural, organic and conventional with no sugar added claims. Their range of products includes date paste, chopped dates, pitted or whole dates, and date syrups. If you are interested in availing of their products, there are several ways for you to contact this supplier. To directly speak with a representative, call +44 (0)20 3086 8746. For written enquiries, send an email via info@globalfoodsuk.com or fill out the contact form on their website, globalfoods.uk.com.

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