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Global DC Power Supplies Market – Opportunities and Forecast, 2020-2027

Press Release: April 20, 2020

Electricity flows in two ways i.e. in an AC or in a DC current. DC current refers to the flow of electrical charge flowing in one direction. DC-DC converter is a category of power supply, which converts source of direct current from one level of voltage to another. It is widely used to efficiently produce regulated voltage from source. They are also known as high-frequency power conversion circuits that uses high-frequency inductors, capacitors, and transformers to smooth out switching noise into regulated DC voltages.

The primary factors boosting the growth of the DC Power Supplies market includes the rising demand for energy-efficient DC power supplies. In terms of power supply, there is an increasing need for energy conservation, where DC power supplier installed in electronic equipment provides more than 90% efficiency. Moreover, DC-DC power converters improve conversion efficiency as it incorporates significant power overhead, and efficiency can vary widely across current loads and voltage. Renewable energy sources such as solar power plants which generate DC power are being installed on the newly constructed buildings. Therefore, end-users prefer DC power supply over AC current as it eliminates conversion waste. Such increasing benefits associated with DC power supply accelerates the growth of the market. However, imposition of regional safety standards and regulatory compliance will hinder the growth of the market.

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The key players operating in DC Power Supplies market include Keysight Technologies Inc., TDK Lambda Inc., Chroma ATE, Good Will Instrument Co. Ltd, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG, B&K Precision Corporation, Tektronix Inc, Mean Well USA Inc, Delta Electronics Inc, and Texas Instruments Inc., among others.

The Global DC Power Supplies market has been segmented based on Type, Output Power, Application, and Key region. Based on Type, the market is segmented into AC-DC and DC-DC. Based on Output Power, the market is segmented int Low, Medium, and High. Based on Application, the market is segmented into Aerospace, Defense, & Government Services, Automotive, Energy, Wireless Communication & Infrastructure, and Others.

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Key questions answered in this research report:

At what pace is the Global DC Power Supplies market growing? What will be the growth trend in the future?

What are the key drivers and restraints in Global DC Power Supplies market? What will be the impact of drivers and restraints in the future?

What are the regional revenue and forecast breakdowns? Which are the major regional revenue pockets for growth in the Global DC Power Supplies market?

What are the various application areas in Global DC Power Supplies market and how they are poised to grow?

What companies are the major participants in this market and their business strategies, how does the competitive landscape look like?

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