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Global Companies Exert Efforts To Retrieve Productivity Pitfalls During COVID-19 Outbreak

Press Release: April 08, 2020


Employers worldwide feel afraid of productivity plunge due to the implementation of work from home programs at organizations.

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Today, when the entire world encounters the coronavirus pandemic (with 1,447,767 cases to date), almost 100% of companies have put work from home into force to avoid the spread of this fatal disease. In this view, various economists forecast the future of organizations with a low productivity margin and a notable decline in profit.  

“The widely adopted remote work pattern rolled out intending to maintain the flow of output and productivity even during the COVID-19 outbreak, but it’s now resulting in productivity downturn, communication challenges, and teamwork benefits.”, Says the proficient economist at Stanford University.


“We all are working round the clock & alongside our families, with proper social distancing measures to reveal unseen stats for companies operating out there”, exclaimed the team of senior fellow of the university.


Research suggests that the most challenging prospect of working from home belongs to the parents who must have to maintain equilibrium in work and parenthood. The shut down of schools and encouragement of “distance education” is the reason why a number of parents have turned into part-time teachers for their children. Business scholars further rely upon the fact of productivity boost, which is sending kids to school or daycare centres.


While working from home is determined as a disaster, several firms (including renowned companies) have been successfully making a bit hit by keeping robust monitoring software in place. In this queue, EmpMonitor stands first for providing cheap yet reliable monitoring aid.


As soon as more companies adopted the culture of remote work, the compelling software immediately updated its features and added on better amenities to deliver the best monitoring solutions across the globe. Currently, the company is getting overwhelming responses from firms of all sizes. Thus, the number of users jumped high in less time. Apart from the brief glimpse, full information remains at @empmonitor.com.


About Work-From Home Module


Work-From Home is not a new concept for people. Over the months, top-fortune companies, including Google, Twitter, Amazon, etc have gotten adequate amounts of output from remote workers. But, more firms slightly notice a loss of productivity nowadays. For sure-success, monitoring software can be a great help for everyone.

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