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Global B2B Marketplace Trademalaysia.com Launched By Uptrend Leap Sdn. Bhd.

Press Release: December 14, 2020

We, Uptrend Leap Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian registered company, are happy to pronounce that our company has taken as a flagship initiative to promote Malaysia as a sourcing hub in a changed present global scenario to play a new role and contribute tostrengthen Malaysian business to go global and boost Malaysian exports.

We have introduced a unique and dynamic Business Portal  www.trademalaysia.com for promoting B2B business globally with multiple benefits i.e. Product Specific, Region Specific, Country Specific, online and offline marketing on all available platforms to reach each and every potential buyer across the world and give our Industry the edge to grow and prosper.

As the world adapts to the new normal, Uptrend Leap Sdn. Bhd. recognizes that online buying experiences and a one-stop access to immediate product requirements are increasingly the need of the hour. Designed for a user-friendly experience, TradeMalaysiaPortal has been optimized with easy navigation for desktop and mobile browsers, and curated results for each type of buyer. Customers will be able to access technical specifications as well as interactive product images for each item at their fingertips. The platform allows for product inquiries to be addressed online and is supported by secure payment methods including net banking, eWallets, and debit/credit cards, also abiding by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in terms of customer data, privacy and policy.  

www.trademalaysia.com, an international business platform, is the innovative initiative taken by our founder Ms.Rosemawati Binti Nor Mohamed, later join by Ms. NorhezlenBinti Md Salito promote Malaysian products across the world and serve our country to be self-reliant and get Malaysian businesses a wide global reach through this portal. In September 2020, the TradeMalaysia Project has been back-up by GA Skylight Berhad to accelerate the project momentum and open the portal for the international players from all regions.

TradeMalaysia.com is aimed at providing a bouquet of opportunities to all its members to promote and conduct your business for any product globally and currently we are establishing our sister company Uptrend Leap Cameroon SARL and have obtained 99 years approval for import-export in Cameroon to venture into the emerging economic and Sub-Saharan region.

Let's empower Malaysian Businesses together.

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