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Glastonbury 2019 - the Ultimate Festival Packing List

Press Release: June 28, 2019

Muddy fields, pumping music and great bands – the Glastonbury 2019 has finally arrived. With Glastonbury’s gates open, many festival-troopers have purchased their Glastonbury tickets and are rapidly making their way to southwest England for a jam-packed weekend of drinking, dancing and, in all likelihood, debauchery. Not all of us have the fortune of attending the king of the festival circuit and we’re even more green-eyed by the fact that punters are predicting it to be the biggest blowout in the festival’s history.

Glastonbury promises to be a magical weekend, especially this year with its amazing Glastonbury line up: Liam Gallagher, Stormzy, Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, and this list is endless!

But for festivals like this, there a few important tips that you always have to keep in mind. Trust me, you’ll enjoy the festival even more if you follow this guide. So if you are ready, let’s go and check out these valuable hacks! First, let’s look at the festival packing list!

What to pack?

Packing smartly is the mantra that I use for these kinds of festivals! Sometimes, you might end up packing the most useless stuff with you and miss out on some important items at your home and regret it for the whole festival. Trust me, you don’t want to get into a bad mood while your famous bands are performing right in front of your eyes! Fear not as we share our best insider tips for surviving one of the best weekends of your life.
1.Fanny Pack: this small bag is going to keep you alive for the entire Glastonbury festival! The more zips it has, the more useful it gets. You can put all your important and valuable items such as your phone, portable charger, little food, and also your medicines this bag will never fall of you even if you are dancing hard to the beat, jumping or crowd crawling. Also, it keeps you away from being pickpocketed.

2.Poncho: Glastonbury weather can be a bit unpredictable sometimes, but this cannot put an end to your day! Whatever situation you might get into, the show must go on! You might think that this will ruin your look and you will look absurd, but trust me, if it starts to rain and it’s your favorite artist on the stage, you will be able to still have fun and keep dancing without getting wet! It is very thin and can be packed easily.

3.Water bottle: if you prefer buying one inside, get ready to line up in the big queue which sometimes lasts for 30 minutes. At least at the beginning, you should have one sealed water bottle so that you can stay hydrated and buy a few more inside later on! However, while few festivals allow you carry a bottle, few don’t so please check the restricted items list of the Glastonbury festival beforehand!

4.Portable charger: carrying this is a must. Upon that if it is solar powered, even better since you’ll be out in the sun for the whole day! So if you get separated from your group and just have a 1% battery left on your phone, I don’t think that you want to see yourself in such a situation!

5.Medicine: carry your important medication plus imodium. It is a must! The queues to the toilet will be longer than those for merchandise or beers. Just put them in your fanny pack and you are ready for Glastonbury 2019!

6.Backpack: Choosing which bag to carry can be tricky and a personal choice. While some people prefer to be protected all the time and carry anti-theft bags, some people (like me) prefer to carry a drawstring bag (along with the fanny pack). You can pack some light snacks, medicines, tissues, a pair of extra summer clothes, poncho, etc. But please, do not over pack! You are not going on a world tour!
What to wear?

A mix of rainy and stormy spells calls for practical festival outfits at this year’s Glastonbury festival. Choosing perfect festival outfits is never an easy task. Some people choose fashion over comfort and regret it for the entire festival. This Glastonbury festival, dress up cleverly while maintaining your style with these hacks :

Girls, don’t even think of wearing heels or wedges. It is highly recommended to wear something comfortable since you’ll be out partying for the whole day! Sports shoes are still fine unless you come across big mud puddles. In that situation, water-resistant boots are your lifesavers.


If the weather is in your favor, sunglasses for sure will come in handy. You’ll be out in the sun for the whole day and without sunglasses, your eyes have no sort of protection. What you need is just a pair of designer sunglasses to make you look stylish while protecting your vision!

You must’ve already spent a lot of money on buying the Glastonbury tickets but what if I tell you that you can get branded sunglasses for this festival within the budget range £25 - £ 70. SmartBuyGlasses.co.uk is here for your rescue. Avail 50% on their branded sunglasses and get ready for the festival! Whether you want sunglasses from Ray-Ban, Ralph by Ralph Lauren, North beach or the smart glasses Zungle, you can buy all of them within the above price range at SmartBuyglasses.co.uk.

3.Festival clothes

Since it is summertime, t-shirts and half sleeve shirts are perfect. Also, it is better to wear pants or shorts with zip pockets or deep pockets so that your valuables remain safe from being pickpocketed.

You are all set to go!
Have an amazing Glastonbury 2019 and follow the above steps for a happy festival experience!

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