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Glass's provide the price as 'Agreed Value GAP Insurance is unveiled

Press Release: January 26, 2010

Glass's will provide exclusive online valuation facilities to the ala.co.uk website and its key clients, enabling the accurate valuation of used vehicles for their newly launched Agreed Value GAP product.

Unlike any other similar product available where the customer is expected to know their valuation, this is the only GAP policy of its type that uses live, accurate data from the Glasss database shifting the risk of the valuation away from the consumer.

This unique GAP insurance pays the difference between the settlement the policyholder receives from their Motor Insurance Policy and the 'Agreed Value' of the Motor Vehicle, following a Total Loss write off. The policy holder is returned to the amount their car was valued at when they took the policy out based on Glass's Motoring Guide... "Agreed Value"

Highlights of Agreed Value Gap Insurance:

- Returns a customer to the amount a car is worth TODAY.
- The vehicle can be bought at any time.
- No requirement to buy a car from a dealer or for an invoice or proof of date purchased.
- The policy can be used on privately purchased cars and vans.
- Vehicles up to 7 years old at the start of the policy with up to 80,000 miles are eligible.
- An excellent renewal product at the end of existing GAP policies

The recent BBC programme (screened 02 December 2009) 'Rip off Britain' highlighted the ludicrous charges dealers make for GAP Insurance. Their advice is to go online and find a far cheaper alternative.

Typically, ALAs online prices are 70% cheaper than motor dealers. We offer a far superior range of products than dealers and most other online provides, ensuring the consumer gets the most appropriate policy, rather than a one policy fit all approach which is responsible for many policies being misold.

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