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Glare Guard Car Visor Extenders Mimic Effect of World’s Top Polarized Sunglasses Brands to Improve Driver Visibility

Press Release: February 17, 2021

February 13, 2021 – Glare Guard visor extenders for cars, trucks, campers and tractor trailers are helping drivers see the light. The company’s line of glare protection extenders leverage the same high-quality film used in leading polarized sunglasses brands to reduce sun, snow, and headlight glare, enhance contrast, and improve overall visibility while blocking 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. 

Similar to high-end sunglasses like Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, Costa Del Mar, and Oakley, brands that retail up to $400 for a single pair of sunglasses, Glare Guard uses high-quality polarized film to reduce glare and increase driver comfort and visibility. The effect of Glare Guard visor extenders is like seeing through a pair of polarized sunglasses, but at a fraction of the cost. 

Mark Smith, owner & operator of Wave Polarizer, the company that produces Glare Guard, noted that he got into the car visor niche after previous work for the movie theater industry dried up as theaters transitioned from film to digital. From there, Mark saw an opportunity to use polarized film to make driving safer and Glare Guard products soon followed. 

“We take pride in producing a product that greatly increases visibility for drivers, improving both their safety and comfort.” Said Mark. “Our products have had far reaching positive effects, with customers writing in to tell us how helpful the visor extenders are for people who wear glasses, or how much they help on the drive home from work and many other scenarios.”

Glare Guard's Car Visor Extenders for sun and headlight glare elimination on the road are available in a gray daytime visor extender for sun glare and a yellow night visor extender for headlight glare. The visors are offered in a standard size for cars and SUVs as well as a larger version appropriate for semi trucks, campers & tractor trailers.

To install the visor extender, the driver simply slides the extender onto the vehicle’s built-in visor and secures with the included Velcro straps. Once attached, the driver can adjust the positioning to their preference and enjoy a completely glare-free ride. 

Why Polarized?

The polarized film used in Glare Guard protects drivers from glare caused by light traveling in different directions and hitting a reflective surface. Regular non-polarized sunglasses and visor extenders only allow the driver to see what is in their line of sight with a dark tint. Glare is still an issue. With polarization, however, the driver gets increased contrast, like with a regular visor extender, but with the added benefit of using a polarized film so the reflective glare caused by horizontal light waves is filtered out. The result is a drastic reduction in glare and better visibility.

Made in the USA

Visor extenders from Glare Guard are the only brand of polarized visor in the world to be made in the USA. Unlike other companies that claim “made in the USA” status because of loopholes where a small piece of the product was assembled on US soil, Glare Guard’s products, including both the polarized film and the visors, are made in America under Wave Polarizer, LLC. 

What Customers are Saying

Glare Guard extended visors from Wave Polarizer, LLC have received over 1,300 reviews on Amazon with an average five-star rating. Customers are keen to include details in their reviews regarding the products’ effectiveness for their unique needs. 

In July of 2020, James wrote about how the visor extenders helped him as a glasses wearer. “Great diving aid – For those of us who wear glasses this works great. No more worrying about having dedicated sunglasses or clip-ons. The road ahead is clear and so is the dashboard without looking through sunglasses. I plan on getting another for our other car.”

Mary, on the other hand, lives in the desert and was having difficulty with glare caused by the sun in her area. “Great visor extender.” She wrote. “Works well. Living in the desert, the sun is always an issue, this has cutdown on the glare tremendously. Ordering more for other vehicles.”

Finally, Ronald, one of about a thousand five-star reviewers for the product, wrote, “Great Product. Just like the company says. Mounts easily and securely and works like a charm. I've ordered several more for passengers and other vehicles. My wife had ordered one from TV ad. What a waste. Money down the drain. Not so with this product. Clearly worth the price.”

Known for durability, the Glare Guard gray visor extender is made of the highest quality polarized film and is hand cut and inspected to ensure customer satisfaction. All visors have a bracket on a ratchet system so drivers can adjust the visor into the best spot for their needs. 

Best-selling Glare Guard visor extenders are available on Amazon and on the company’s website at www.glareguard.com. Pricing begins at $29.99 for the standard visor size. In addition to high-quality polarized visor extenders for vehicles, the company also manufactures and sells their own line of polarized sunglasses for men and women. Learn more by visiting the company’s website or by following the brand on Instagram at @glareguardus

About Wave Polarizer, LLC

Wave Polarizer, LLC is the company behind the best-selling line of Glare Guard protective driving accessories, including polarized visor extenders to reduce sun and headlight glare. The company also manufactures and sells premium polarized sunglasses at a mid-range price point for both men and women’s styles. Wave Polarizer, LLC and their Glare Guard products are the only line of polarized visors proudly made and assembled in the USA. 

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