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Giving Vitamins To Children Has Never Been Easier

Press Release: March 04, 2021

Press Release
Sanpharma UK is excited to announce the launch of our new unique range of MultiVitamin Lollipops in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Sanpharma is a leading manufacturing in the health sector, our innovative ideas, integrity, and many years of experience are the foundation upon which we build. We are committed to constant improvements across new product development, as well as exceeding even the highest quality standards.

Government guidelines advise children between the age of six months and five years should take vitamins A, C and D supplements, - do you find this surprising?
Children need vitamins and minerals for growth, development and good health. Children can get vitamins and minerals by eating a variety of foods from the five food groups. If children don't get enough vitamins or minerals, it can lead to growth and development problems.
Prof Louis Levy, head of nutrition science at Public Health England, said: "All children aged six months to five years should take a supplement containing vitamins A, C and D. 
"This is a sensible step because growing children may not get enough of these vitamins - especially those not eating a varied diet."
Multiball Multivitamin Lollipops are a delicious form of vitamins and minerals.
Children will both have fun and take 12 vitamins and 3 important minerals required for their growth 

Multiball Multivitamin Lollipops have the following features;

·   Rich in zinc and vitamin C which support the immune system in children.
·   Contain important B-group vitamins for children's mental development and school success.
·   Contain 200 IU of vitamin D for healthy bone development.
·   Easily enjoyed by children thanks to its excellent taste offering 4 flavor varieties: orange, strawberry-lemon, apple and tropical fruits.
·   Does not contain harmful preservatives such as Paraben.

·       The brilliant sugar-free Multiball Multivitamin Lollipop Zero are sugar free and sweetener-free, they contain no sugar and no sweeteners, so they won't damage your child's teeth. The delicious taste comes from natural fruit flavourings: a great choice of orange, strawberry-lemon, apple, and tropical fruit flavours. The texture is satisfyingly creamy, great for kids, loved by adults, and also perfect for diabetics.


·           IMMUNITY SUPPORT – 12 Vitamins plus 3 Minerals , the fortifying strength of Vitamin A, C, D, E, Folic Acid, Zinc,B12, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Biotin, B6 and more. Cultivate children's natural immune defenses - especially during winter - with this premium fruit chew.

·         THE FLAVOR KIDS CRAVE - Kids absolutely love the fruity taste of these lollipops! Perfect for getting them an optimal daily dose of wellness benefits without complaint. Super tasty, super healthy, and always nutritious.

·         UNRIVALED SOURCING QUALITY - We are committed to sourcing and using only the finest ingredients in all of our potent supplements and remedies. Our gluten free, vegetarian LOLLIPOPS are ethically Made in Turkey and processed in our state-of-the-art facility that is GMP-certified.

Aimed at giving children a simple, safe and fun way to get their daily dose of vital vitamins and minerals in just one Lollipop a day.
Multiballs are now available from www.sanpharma.co.uk  the products are reasonably priced from £5.99
Notes to Editors :  Natural Wellness! We believe that cleaner is better. We craft these vitamins and minerals in small batches to help ensure consistency and purity from product to product. PRESERVE YOUR CHILDREN'S WELLNESS - It's hard to get our kids to eat fruit and vegetables on a regular basis and this leaves them susceptible to germs that are always around us. Support your kids' immune systems with Multiballs, Giving vitamins to children has never been easier !

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