Press Release: January 13, 2010

While the sports fanatics are glued to the screens or flying to Cape Town this summer, girl's only breaks are on the increase. www.sunshine.co.uk has recommended the top holiday destinations for those wishing to avoid this summer's World Cup, in countries that didnt get through to the competition.

Sunshine.co.uk was interested to find out what womens views about holidaying during the world cup were, so asked 1,074 females aged 18-30 what their plans were for this summer. 41% were planning a girls holiday for this summer and a further 1 in 4 said they were going to be on holiday with their partner during the World Cup.

Of those embarking on a girly getaway, almost half said it was to leave their partner behind to enjoy the football in peace. Of those going with their partner, 63% think they will end up being taken to a bar to watch some matches. The top ten destinations to enjoy a holiday and avoid the world cup are;

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia - Considered Europe's most beautiful city and once called the 'Pearl of the Adriatic' by Lord Byron. Dubrovnik is a city full of quaint cafes, shops and medieval architecture. Wooded capes and a vast landscape of beaches lie beyond the city walls.

2. Istanbul, Turkey - With its newly acquired status as Capital of Culture, 2010 has brought in a glut of exciting new art galleries and museums. After dark the city comes alive with a vibrant nightlife. Unwind in one of its many tea rooms, which are an institution in themselves.

3. Valletta, Malta - Swathed in baroque charm, this tiny island is diverse from its post-colonialist, Arabic and Sicilian influences. In an area just doubling the size of Lichtenstein it has enough peaceful towns and beautiful beaches to help everyone forget about the football.

4. Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt - Principally a bustling resort full of top class hotels and shopping centres. The more adventurous will enjoy an evening camel ride through the desert with its breathtaking views. The lure of the turquoise sea will be hard to resist as diving and snorkelling in Na'ama bay is world class.

5. Havana, Cuba - 500 years of turbulent history has made Cuba one of the world's most culturally unique societies. The renowned icons of classic American cars, cigars and Che Guevara make the country alluded by communism instantly recognisable.

6. Goa, India -. As well as having gorgeous white sand beaches, and huge spice plantations to visit; Goa still resides in the past grandeur of colonialism. It's remarkable blend of Hinduism, Catholicism, Islam and Portuguese influences
are sure to leave a longer-lasting impression than this year's world cup winner.

7. Phuket, Thailand - Thailand is not just a haven for backpackers anymore; from unwinding on white sandy beaches to exploring the dramatic mix of old and new in Phuket town, there is something here to tempt even the most ardent football fan away.

8. Paphos, Cyprus - Paphos prides itself in its nightlife alongside its clubbing counter-part Aiya Napa, and is a top holiday destination for groups and younger travellers. For those who prefer a more laid-back break, Coral Bay and Polis are more peaceful and authentic.

9. Sousse, Tunisia - One of North Africa's easiest and most popular tourist spots; the port city of Sousse is rich in history and Arabic culture. The lively town includes a huge medina perfect for haggling for bargains, and some of the most attractive beaches in the country.

10. Bahia Maimon, Dominican Republic - In this northern resort on the Caribbean's largest island, serenity reigns supreme. By relaxing on one of the areas many stunning beaches in the tropical sunshine, you may forget that there was ever such a thing as football in the first place.

Chris Brown, co-founder of sunshine.co.uk said;

"Not everyone enjoys the football, and during the World Cup some women must feel alienated. It's not surprising that this has brought about a rise in women taking holidays alone or with their friends. By taking your summer break in a country that didnt qualify for the world cup, there is less chance in getting caught up in the football fever, and more of a chance to relax and enjoy your holiday."

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