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Press Release: April 07, 2016

This time it is personal is an article published a couple of years ago by Independent magazine discussing growing popularity of personalised gifts. We are living in the world full of consumer products. The choice is overwhelming! Different shapes, colours, images, accessories etc. One would think that we're having too many options available. Yet, surprise! What we can get is still not enough! What people appear to want more are "truly yours" items, the ones that come with your name on it, or your initials, or your favourite quote, or perhaps image. Shortly speaking, personalised gifts market is on the go and My Design Station is about to explore the "unexplored" of this market.

My Design Station is a small but super-friendly bunch of creative professionals who push their brains to the limits every day to surprise you with something unique, completely different... something truly yours. On top of that, absolute enthusiasts of laser cutting & engraving and constantly learning about a full potential of this technique. While a lot of our products are personalised gifts, created on special requests, we also offer more generic, yet very original items to make every individual person who receives our products feel special. Most of our products are made of wood and acrylic but we love experimenting with other materials such as leather, silver and titanium. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our team is strictly forbidden to send out any products without internal quality control check (under the threat of plate washing for an entire office for a month even though we have a dishwasher! ).

Shortly speaking, if you think that everything available on the market is all you can get, My Design Station is here to prove that creativity never ends! Just have a look at our website!

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