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Gift your office our free rental vending machine

Press Release: July 19, 2017

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Par Vending offers free rental vending machines that are a perfect addition in an office environment with a variety of options available for food and beverages.
Free rental vending machines are suitable for all kinds of premises, irrespective of the number of employees. Par Vending ensures that their clients get the right machines as per their requirements and expectations.

For a business person, Par Vending is an ideal choice to take advantage of free vending machines in their office premises. Their service includes installation and maintenance of the free vending machine, meaning that no one will have to worry about who will look after it or sort out any problems. They also provide a restocking service for all free vending machines, ensuring that they always contain the right quantity of the most popular snacks and drinks. They are just a call away whenever vending machines need to be restocked.
The CEO of Par Vending said, “Many businesses, organisations and places of education can benefit from free vending machines. Having free vending machines on their premises means they can encourage workers, students and guests to take their breaks on site, but with no rental costs to them”
Par Vending was founded in 1989 to supply vending machines in London and the South East and have since expanded and grown on to be a major operator of vending machines in the no cost sector of the business.
Par vending is supplying all types of vending machines at no cost to the site and they will operate them. They can also supply vending machines at big discounts because of their buying power. Their backup service is next to no one to give a no hassle one call service. Business people can see their selection of snacks machines, can vendors, coffee machines and food machines on their site.
Par Vending operates for all sectors from Insurance to Communication and Education amongst many others offering a no cost alternative to the vending industry.
For more information visit their website: http://www.parvending.co.uk/
Contact them at
Birling Road,
West Malling,
ME19 5HT
Tel: 01732 842 469
E-mail: info@parvending.co.uk

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