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Gift a Love Claims Good Luck Plants Get Popular for Father’s Day

Press Release: April 25, 2019

Lucky Plants have become popular as more and more Indians now believe in the Feng Shui practise. Taking this rising demand into account Gift a Love improves its collection of lucky plants ahead of Father’s Day celebration.

New Delhi, 25 April 2019 – Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide for recognizing the contribution of fathers for their children. Countries celebrate Father’s Day on different dates. In India Father’s Day is almost knocking on the doorstep and thus gift portals have geared up with their gift collection. They have strengthened their delivery services to help customers send Fathers Day gifts to the UK and other countries around the world. Market survey reveals that the demand for lucky plants rises. As a result, Giftalove.com upgrades its collection of lucky bamboo plants.

The number of stalks present in the Lucky Bamboo plants has different benefits, significance, and meaning. The quantity of the stalks determines the type of energy a plant emits into a person’s life and home. More the number of stalks on a planter more would be the luck and good fortune. Two stalks in the lucky bamboo plant signify love. A person who keeps this plant in the house is believed to benefit from the positive vibration it emanates.

A plant with three stalks brings three types of luck; that is long life (Soh), wealth (Lu) and happiness (Fu). Bamboo with four stalks is believed to emanate negative energy and is not given as a gift to anyone. Five and six stalks represent wealth. It is given to wish person luck in his business. Seven stalks in a lucky bamboo symbolize good health, happiness and wealth. Eight stalks symbolize inner strength and act as a luck enhancer and motivator. Nine stalks symbolize good fortune and ten stalks represent perfection and completion. Twenty-one stalks in a bamboo plant represent abundance blessing and harmony.

Sharing information about the lucky bamboo plants the store expert explained how they meet the overwhelming demand for this product. He said, “The popularity for Feng Shui and Vastu is on the rise and the lucky plants form a significant part of the Feng Shui practice. More Indians are choosing this practice and thus the demand for lucky plants has gone up. We have a wonderful collection of lucky bamboo plants and ahead of all special occasions, we ensure our distribution channels are optimally functioning”.

He continued saying, “This year too just before Father’s Day we have beefed up our customer support, after sales and delivery services for the prompt delivery of lucky plants across India to the tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Some of our top-selling lucky plants are Rare MILT Sansevieria, Money Plant, Focus Bonsai Plant, Good Luck Bamboo Plant etc. With the help of our ‘Express Delivery’ service customers can send Father’s Day gifts to U.S.A. and other places across the globe promptly”.

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