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Get Your Well-Crafted Restaurant Delivery Software Via Foodpanda Clone-An Upgrade From SpotnEats

Press Release: November 12, 2020

The most awaited news for the restaurant owners here! SpotnEats is now come up with an attractive solution like Foodpanda clone to develop a feature-rich food delivery management system that allows the restaurant owners to manage the huge range of food orders and provide satisfactory services to the customers seamlessly.  Foodpanda clone is the new upgrade from SpotnEats leveraged on the basis of new technologies and the demanding features that act as the base for online food delivery software development. 

Foodpanda clone app development contains unique service options and specially designed dashboards for both the single/multi-restaurant owners to manage their activities in a stress-free manner. Generally, restaurant owners highly suffer from food delivery management activities while handling a huge range of customers. They also suffer from issues like multi-branch management, lack of social interactions, and revenue gaining options. An advanced Foodpanda clone script from SpotnEats helps them to overcome the real-time issues and make them gain the essential familiarity shortly. 

The features necessary to revamp the workflow of the restaurant owners are included in this Foodpanda clone script like own profile making, impressive filtering ways, easy-to-access food varieties, ordering via location-specific manner, instant notifying options for food updates, complete tracking of all the activities and many more. Since this, the pre-built white-label solution, the customization as per the business needs also brings numerous benefits to the restaurant owners and the aggregators in real-time. 

SpotnEats is one of the familiar delivery app solution providers deliver a number of solutions in various on-demand industries like food, home decor, logistics, etc. With the deepest knowledge of the latest technologies and the awareness about the customer’s behavioral changes, We develop the solution with the corresponding features. Being with enough experience in the food delivery app software development, SpotnEats served as the techie-platform supporters for the startup owners to launch and manage their own business effortlessly. Focusing on the advanced feature building options, SpotnEats also provides full-fledged support to the business launchers for their own marketplace creation globally.  

“Either the single or multi-restaurant owners, managing all their activities, not an easy task. Making the workflow as impressive and satisfying the customers also added requirements for the restaurant owners. Without any digital platform, management can be a difficult one.” Said, Spokesperson, SpotnEats. “We are very happy to announce the new update called Foodpanda clone that includes the advanced feature-set to make the workflow of the restaurant deliver an impressive one. This new announcement further extends the restaurant delivery business to reach a global audience easily.”

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Fruitful Options in Foodpanda Clone:

Since the food delivery industry is the one of top-most revenue-generating platforms, the number of players who participated in this model is more. Handling all the necessary activities via application is the top-most trendy activity that increases the solution providers in the market. To stand different, the fruitful options included in the Foodpanda clone app are listed as follows.   

  • Multi-Store Management that makes the multi-branch owners control all the activities in a single-window anywhere and anytime. 

  • Secure Smart Payment allows the restaurant owners, customers, and the delivery players to make the transactions in a secure manner. 
  • Event-based Scheduling options included in the Foodpanda clone provides new possibilities to the restaurant owners to manage the scheduled food orders easily on the basis of the event. 
  • Prior Table-Booking makes the customers book the table on the specific date and time prior. This feature is a fruitful option for the event planners and the attendee in real-time.

  • Full-Fledged Fleet Control allows the aggregators to take complete control of the delivery partner’s workflow by accessing their dashboard directly.

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