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Get Your Training Management Software At Dante Systems Limited

Press Release: November 26, 2020

Dante Systems Limited (https://www.dante.co.uk/) take pride in their quality training management software (TMS), which help make day-to-day training easier and more streamlined for many organisations and businesses. With their well-tested software, they can guarantee that their clients will improve their training management and operations.

The Delegate Planner is Dante Systems centralised training management software. It is designed to provide clients with easy course management, enabling them to scale up training operations without the need for micromanagement. As a result, clients can save money through this system without compromising the efficiency of their employee training and learning programmes. In addition, employees can access the learning materials anytime and anywhere using their mobile devices.

The Delegate Planner is hosted on UK-based cloud servers, ensuring the utmost security and safety of all data. All clients are also able to curate courses based on employee roles. Additionally, clients will be able to tailor this system to their specific requirements and preferences.

Dante Systems Limited offer their services at an affordable price. Their TMS Delegate Planner is currently available as a monthly paid package for £280, with training costs ranging from £4000 to £6000. This package includes telephone and email support, an unlimited number of delegates and courses, invoicing, payment tracking, and more. However, these prices may vary or change without prior notice.

Dante Systems has proven reliability and efficiency for over 30 years, consistently providing exemplary service, which has gained them a long list of satisfied clients. One of their current clients, Dave, said: “The intuitive nature of Delegate Planner has made it possible for us to manage the vast amounts of data involved in our day to day, nationwide training operation. Since implementing Delegate Planner seven years ago, our organisation has continued to grow at a rapid rate. The scalability of the system allows our business to expand with minimal additional administration resources”.

To learn more about this Dante Systems, head over to their official website at https://www.dante.co.uk/.

About Dante Systems Limited

Dante Systems Limited offers one of the best training management software in the UK. They have Delegate Administration, Course Management, CRM & Marketing, plus many other features to offer along with with their TMS. All learning materials can be accessed even on the go through mobile devices. Most importantly, the users can register for multiple courses in their TMS, and business owners can customise the training available depending on employee role. If you have any questions about their services, visit https://www.dante.co.uk/contact-us and fill out the contact form. You can also call 0117 405 8158 or email enquiries@dante.co.uk.

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