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Get your T Shirt Designs Seen by Thousands

Press Release: March 02, 2010

Not for them the high street outlets where you have a reasonable chance of bumping into someone wearing the same thing as you, OMG!!! The SwishSwosh virtual design and fashion community, with an obligatory following on Facebook and Twitter, take their self-expression so seriously that they wear T-shirts that come in limited edition prints of members original designs, with only 50 for each size. As it says on the can, when the design is then chopped, its gone forever and the chances of your meeting someone else wearing your T-shirt is as remote as encountering Pluto (the cartoon character not the planet). This is a stupendously important factor in the lives of many young people today and understandably so.

This is a really great site not only for fashion-conscious types, which of course they all are anyway, but also for those with more serious intentions such as taking up design as a career. It allows them to literally upload or offload their creative concepts in the form of a finished, practical piece of wearable work. There is a part of the site called UniversiTee Challenge, where design students can submit their original work and maybe even win their tuition fees. And thats not all, because professional designers run UniversiTee Challenge, and each year it matches up aspiring designers with graduate employers across the nation through a unique design competition.

But you do not have to be a design student by any means to enjoy this fun creative outlet. Anybody with a bit of talent and enthusiasm can make good money in the competitions. You can earn up to £700 in the slogan competition, and its a collective effort to decide which designs get printed through a members voting system, where submitted designs are given a rating between 1 and 5.

To submit a design, you simply download the submission kit and follow the instructions. You come up with your idea, submit it and then advertise it, and anyone could be on to a real winner, whether youre seriously into design or just enjoy flexing the creative muscles.

With photos of all the boys and gals sporting their Limited Edition Tees, and a latest news and blogs section, SwishSwosh is the place for the budding designer to see and be seen.

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