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Press Release: December 06, 2020

Emergency medical services work is demanding. If you are an EMS technician, people depend on you to save their life. They look to you to in times of crisis. You must put your knowledge, skill, and tools to work on the scene. Your first priority is the preservation of life, and you must have the right set of tools to meet that obligation.

A defibrillator is one of the most important devices you have in your tool kit. It is used to shock the heart back into activity. If you are called upon to use it, the patient you are dealing with is in deep trouble. The device you use must be compact and easily transportable. You must be able to carry it in your bag into the homes and apartments of patients. Unlike the medical staff in the hospital, you do not have the luxury of attaching your defibrillator to a large automatic re-charge station. Your device must instead contain m3863a batteries and m5070a batteries that are reliable.

The batteries in your defibrillator must have a long charge life. You should be able to use them on more than a few patients before they need to be recharged or replaced. They should also be able to withstand the demanding environment of EMS work. They should not be affected by the bumps, swerves, and jiggles of an ambulance or your need to carry the device up stairs and through extremely cold and extremely hot weather conditions. In short, you should be able to use your defibrillator when you need to, and the state of the batteries inside should not stop you.

To get these kinds of batteries, you should work with a company that specializes in making and selling them. You want to work with a company that has the materials and knowledge to make batteries that can be safely and effectively used in defibrillators.

Not all companies can mee this standard. The vendor you purchase your batteries from should be able to deliver the level of service that you require. Trust and confidence are at the heart of all business. The battery vendor you work with should give you good reasons to trust that they can deliver the items that you need, and that the batteries will work as advertised. You should also get the batteries at a reasonable price. There is no reason for you to pay excessive amounts of money for them.

The company you buy your batteries from should be willing to stand by their product. You need the batteries to work on demand. You should not have to go through the trouble of sending bad batteries back. However, if you need to then the process should be smooth and seamless. You should be able to get a refund or exchange without having to pay extra money or endure a long delay. You should hold the vendor you work.

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