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Get the Best Invisible Lifts for your Building with Sesame Access Systems

Press Release: February 18, 2021

Sesame Access Systems (https://www.sesameaccess.com) is an esteemed company that revolutionised hydraulic lifts especially for Disability Discrimination Act Compliant Lifts or DDA lift for a various listed building in the UK and other continents like the Bank of England and Sydney opera house. 

The company provide what is called an invisible lift for commercial and private buildings. Designed for wheelchairs, this hydraulic lift gets them up or down using a retracting stair lift or platform lifts. As of 2021, they have installed more than 200 lifts across the globe. 

One of their best innovative products is the horizontal retracting stair lift which keeps the stairs' structure and retracts only when used by a remote system. This retracting stair is used for those buildings with pre-built stairs that don't want to change or refurbish the whole part of the stairs. Their horizontal retracting stair lift enables people using wheelchairs to access parts of a historic place or landmarks without terminating part of its unique structures. A good example of this is their Whitehall DDA lift in Leicester, United Kingdom. This is also a great product for companies that value anti-discrimination against disabled persons. 

Another product they have is the platform lifts. These platform lifts utilise the whole platform to go up and down, used for both standing and wheelchairs. This platform is best used in lobbies or entrance halls of a hotel or a hospital. Sesame Access Systems also offers custom lifts for anyone who want to build creative and innovative hydraulic lifts for their homes or businesses. 

These hydraulic lifts are made with high-quality materials and equipment from the steel used to its engine. Aside from that, each lift's life span lasts with a minimum of 25 years, which includes proper maintenance. For customers who are worried about how it works, Sesame Access Systems will guide them from the beginning, and they will offer 6 months of maintenance service after installation. But if customers want a complete package of after-sales maintenance service, they can choose between three services: standard, enhanced, and total - prices vary depending on the service. 

Sesame Access Systems also offers a free quotation for businesses and individual who wants to get more detailed explanations about their products. To get in touch with them, visit https://www.sesameaccess.com. 

About Sesame Access Systems

Founded in 1996, Sesame Access Systems is an award-winning company that offers innovative hydraulic lifts, especially in agreement with the Disability Discrimination Act Compliant Lifts or DDA lifts. Their mission is to enrich people's lives using wheelchairs to have accessible entry and exit points for listed buildings built over a couple of years back. For more information about their complete list of products, visit https://www.sesameaccess.com or call 01784 440088. 

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