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Get the best architectural rendering service by Q-Lux Studios

Press Release: February 08, 2021

Q-Lux Studios (https://qluxstudio.com) is one of the growing e-commerce company in the UK that provides their clients with visually pleasing architectural designs using computer-generated images.  They mainly offer services for architectural rendering, 3D architectural visualisations, and product designing. To create their outputs and productions, they used the latest 3D modelling and rendering software available in the market.  For those who want to take a peek of their reprevious works, interested clients need to visit their website. 

One of their finest service being offered is their architectural rendering. This rendering process is the result when a 2D model of an architectural design is placed into a 3D rendering software. Architectural rendering is mainly used for design analysis, marketing, and presentation. The benefit of using this service is for those clients who want to add life to their designs. Moreover, using a rendering service helps clients secure a bid or a project. 

Another excellent service Q-Lux Studios offers is the 3D architectural visualisations that create three-dimension models of the rooms, lobbies, structures and landscapes. They specialise in the interior, cinematic, and architectural industries. This 3D architectural visualisation generates a realistic walkthrough of a project or structural design that clients can pitch to their prospect projects. The advantage of using this is it can convincingly predict future errors on the design without actually building the design. Furthermore, clients can save more money, time, and resources. 

Lastly, they provide product designing. This focuses on the creative and innovative process of creating and designing a product. With this process, Q-Lux Studios guides the clients from the planning and development stage until the final revision and product. For those who want to use this service, clients can visually present their ideas clearly and eco-friendly. Aside from that, clients can also save more money by altering the materials they see unfit. 

In Q-Lux Studios, if the client wants an immerse experience on how this transpires, they have an Augmented reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) options that give insights on a more observable and sensible environment. Furthermore, they provide free quotation for those interested clients. For more information, visit https://qluxstudio.com.


About Q-Lux Studios

Q-Lux Studios is one of the top architectural visualisation company in the UK, providing 3D architectural visualisations to individuals and businesses. The company was created to digitally visualise unbuilt structures by creating compelling and efficient visuals through sophisticated computer-generated imageries. With their quality productions, they have help clients create a visually pleasing presentation of their designs to other businesses or for their consumption. For those interested to see their portfolio and the list of services they provide, visit https://qluxstudio.com and contact them via the webform. 

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