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Get in Shape with NextLevel Fit’s #90DayTransformationChallenge

Press Release: June 19, 2019

NextLevel Fit, a one-of-its-kind fitness ecosystem, is all set to launch a new 90 days transformation challenge. By taking up this challenge consistently for 3 months, the participants will get strong and fit, fast.
“We want people to show their best version every time,” says Joshua Works — the founder at NextLevel Fit. Works adds, “That’s why we’re introducing a #90daystransformationchallenge that’ll get you to finally understand the process of staying fit and let you nail your fitness or physique goals.”
The #90DaysTransformationChallenge is open to everyone, but there are a few requirements. All participants must belong to a gym or have access to gym equipment; besides, they must own body weight scale and kitchen scale to accurately keep track of all those metrics that matter. For taking on this ultimate body transformation challenge, all participants must have dedication, motivation and confidence for pushing their own limits.
By sticking to this transformation challenge till the end, participants will avoid getting thrown off their fitness goals or giving in to excuses.
Works says: “Our transformation challenge will provide participants a full body workout program that’ll focus on compound exercises. These exercises have proven to be a guaranteed building block for building a strong, fit physique.”
This program will give its participants a powerful opportunity to reshape their body and improve their endurance levels. In order to accelerate the process of conquering your peak fitness, each participant will be required to daily track their body weight and calories.
Works says: “It doesn’t matter what your definition of fitness is, this body transformation challenge will help you achieve it, no matter what.”
It is only a matter of challenging for 90 days and creating an insane body transformation that can inspire everyone.
“Are you up for the 90 days challenge?” Works closes the brief interview with a question.
The #90DaysTransformationChallenge will launch soon. Follow NextLevel Fit on Facebook and Instagram to know when the challenge goes live.
About NextLevel Fit: As an innovative health and fitness ecosystem, NextLevel Fit is transforming the way people take control of their fitness and training. The company brings to the table Bluetooth-enabled bodyweight scales and kitchen scales so that anyone can keep tabs on their caloric intake and manage their weight. Besides, the company is even launching a one-stop fitness app that will let people know their bodyweight stats, plan their workouts, enroll in a monthly coaching subscription, listen to motivating music playlists, and do much more.

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