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Get High Visibility and Chapter 8 Graphics with 3Sixty Wraps

Press Release: June 13, 2017

Northampton, England –PRFire 6/13/2017
3 Sixty Wraps have announced a range of high visibility graphics for emergency services that have been struggling with the problem of being unidentifiable on the streets from a distance. 3 Sixty wraps have taken this initiative to enable these service vehicles to be easily recognisable from a distance.
Emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire fighting trucks etc. should be identified from a distance so that the traffic can pave the way for them. It is important for the vehicles on the road to make way for these vehicles because these are services that need to reach a destination in time.
These vehicles should stand out on the road as they need to have a separate identity. These vehicles should not be confused with other vehicles on the streets and hence they need something to set them apart.
High visibility graphics are the perfect solution for these vehicles. According to the CEO of 3 sixty wraps, “High visibility graphics that are also known as Chapter 8 graphics can be added to any emergency vehicle to make them easily distinguishable on the streets. Such vehicles should be easy to spot from a distance and for this reason we have designed some unique and highly visible graphics.”
These vehicles handle a very sensitive responsibility and a delay of even a few minutes can mean the difference between life and death. Keeping this in mind the wrapping specialists and designers at 3 Sixty Wraps have come up with innovative designs that can be spotted from a distance. These wraps provide the ideal solution to the problem of these vehicles’ visibility on road.
3 Sixty Wraps not only deals in high visibility and chapter 8 graphics but also provides wrapping services for commercial and private vehicles. Their skilled designers have come up with great designs that have become quite popular in their region. These wraps have been described by a customer as a head turning beauty that does not fail in getting looks on the street. Their clientele includes many reputed companies such as Red Bull, Carlsberg and Google.
For more information on the services provided by 3 Sixty Wraps visit their website http://www.3sixtywraps.uk

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