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Get closer your favourite artists with lyricsupclose.com!

Press Release: May 05, 2016

Sick of trawling the internet to find the words to your favourite songs? Problem solved! New lyrics website, lyricsupclose.com provides free all access subscription to hundreds of thousands of song lyrics as well as offering fans the chance to access all the latest insider information on their favourite artists, including tour dates, new music news and release dates for a small monthly subscription fee.

Like the widespread issue of music piracy, the music industry has also been faced by the vast amount of websites illegally hosting lyrics of songs. The popularity of lyrics has grown to the point where song lyrics one of the hottest search terms around. This is of no surprise, especially when someone has a tune playing in their head, but cannot name the song! This can also be partly blamed on DJ’s who do not name each song after airing. But just like the unauthorised hosting of music, websites that host unlicensed lyrics not only fail to compensate composers for their work, but also often provide inaccurate and incomplete lyrics.

‘Lyrics is one of the top searched terms on Google, with billions of people every month trying to find the words to their music,’ said Eleanor Solomon, founder of lyricsupclose.com, ‘We wanted to make those lyrics, as well as artist news, easily accessible and available for music fans, and so lyricsupclose.com was born. We understand how frustrating it can be for fans when they’re searching and only finding sites full of errors, which is why we have such a strong focus on quality. We understand people can develop a strong emotional connection with songs and therefore want to know the correct lyrics.’

Lyricsupclose.com launches their licensed lyrics site on 13th May, and to celebrate the launch, lyricsupclose.com is offering you the chance to win. Register your details at www.lyricsupclose.com from the launch date and you’ll be entered into a draw to win every music fans essentials: a gold iPod Nano, a £20 iTunes voucher and the first 50 subscribers will receive 12 months free subscription to the ‘Artists Calendar’ feature, worth over £23.

Solomon said: ‘The Artists Calendar feature is what really makes lyricsupclose.com unique. Not only can fans find the lyrics of their favourite songs, but they can also subscribe to news about their favourite artists including tour dates, new releases and general artists news – all in one place! Our ultimate aim is to create a hub for music fans, where they can communicate with others and share their passion for songs and artists. We want to be the number one destination for music lyrics and artist news. Whether it’s rock, pop, dace, rap, hip hop or folk music that’s your thing, we really do have something for everyone at lyricsupclose.com’

Deadline for competition entries is 23:59 13th June 2016. Only one entry per person. One winner will win an iPod Nano, one winner will receive a £20 iTunes Voucher and the first 50 people to subscribe to the Artists Calendar will receive 12 months free subscription. For full terms and conditions please visit www.lyricsupclose.com.


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