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Get ahead of a bestseller - The Truth About Caroline

Press Release: September 03, 2015

Caroline is a liar. Using this ability, she creates a new persona and a new life. THE TRUTH ABOUT CAROLINE by Randi M Sherman follows Caroline Matthews as she navigates to, through and around honesty, life and her sexuality. After being acquitted for arranging the long-distance, cross-country assassination of her husband, Caroline attempts to rebuild her life. Without skills of any kind and with no work experience to speak of, she has a challenge ahead of her. Then she remembers she has one supreme talent… she’s a natural liar.

“…An entertaining read throughout, The Truth About Caroline is sure to engender wide appeal in Sherman's series and is certainly deserving of a place on your bookshelf. It is definitely recommended.”
--BookViral review http://bookviral.com/the-truth-about-caroline/4590282311

“The characters are well drawn and believable. Each member of the cast has his own character and quirks and you will go ‘up’ and ‘down’ with their moods. At times you will pity the poor Caroline and at others you will want to slap her. In some parts you will laugh out loud. Randi’s use of language is rich and varied. Stick with it to the end. It’s worth every minute.” --Readers Choice

Readers who have enjoyed the narrative and colorfully character-driven style of Douglas Adams crossed with the contemporary lives and challenges in works by Nora Ephron, will enjoy THE TRUTH ABOUT CAROLINE.

With a very active imagination and an incredible grasp of the obvious, honed while performing stand-up comedy in Los Angeles and improvisational theater in San Francisco, Sherman adds just enough bawdiness to deliver a contemporary novel that will provoke the reader to laugh, form opinions, fall in love and even shed a few tears both of joy and regret.

THE TRUTH ABOUT CAROLINE (2015) is preceded by Caroline Starts Over (2014). Sherman’s first novel Paula Takes A Risk was published in 2012.

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